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Anyone else have a bad feeling about Durant's foot?


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Once a big man has foot problems it's over for them. I haven't ever seen or heard of an athelete coming back from a Jones fracture. I'm afraid we'll never see the Durant who could take over a game like he has in the past. Goodness I hope in wrong, he's the only reason I watch the NBA.

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The Jones fx is an intersting animal. I am a physical therapist, have treated a number of these. The fracture region at times has poor blood flow and does not heel well with conservative treatment (walking boot, limited weightbearing with use of crutches). If conservative methods fail, the orthopedic fixates the fx with a screw which is usually effective. I have worked with numerous athletes who heal well with either method and return to sports. Of course these were not the Kevin Durants of the world! The foot injuries that we have seen over the years in the NBA that don't respond well have been the huge guys: Muresan, Oden, Ming, the Cavelier center whose name escapes me...they are plodders with massive weight that really hammer their feet. The 5th metatarsal is the spot for the Jones fx, and this bone is not a major weight bearing region (base of the pinky toe), and is not as major of an injury as say a mid-foot fracture/sprain or heel. The Jones fracture can be caused in conjuncture with an inversion ankle sprain (inward excessive ankle torsion/rolling) vs an impact or load bearing incident. The tendons attaching to the bony region can overpower the bone via a forceful stretch during an ankle sprain and cause a Jones fracture. Not sure how his injury occurred, but hopefully with the correct treatment and precautions he will be good to go soon. Always a risk with returning to action too soon with foot injuries, but I imagine he has consulted the experts!

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That confirms my thoughts. The bigger you are the more pressure one puts on this fracture. When Ming broke his I was one of a few that said "he's done, good for 1/4 the season but he's done" and was ridiculed for it. I said his size was his fractures worse enemy.


But I got over it.


That's a lot of good info. Thanks for sharing.

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