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*** NCAA Tournament updates ***


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Calipari is an arrogant ass. Notre Dame took them to the wire.

I'm sure whenever coach Cal leaves UK they will be on probation and forfeit wins like every other school he has coached and left. UK is a great team, but I hope the NCAA will instigate a college baseball type policy: go pro if you want, but if you go to college you stay for three years until draft eligible. Nobody seems to complain about the baseball rules, only delusions of grandeur HS kids who think they are NBA talent.

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Anybody else notice how horribly one sided the announcer is for UK on every call! Everything is a travel or a non called foul on Wisconsin or a wrong call vs UK... Then I discover it's Rex Chapman. Horrible announcing, amateur job by Chapman. PS, suck it one and dones. Will hate to see a Duke v UK matchup in which 50% of the players will be riding the pine for the likes of the NO Pelicans next season. That goes for Miles Turner as well, seems like a waste of time at Texas. Should let these guys go pro if they want like baseball.


PS: didn't realize TNT was part of the SEC Network.


PS #2 just found out I'm watching a TNT UK stream and there are other broadcasts without the Rex Chapman BS. My bad for the above commentary, but Rex is still a tool. No foul on the guy who punched the Wisconsin guy even after reply review! Whatever.

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Congrats Duke. Helluva game, esp playing with the foul trouble all second half and a not very deep bench.  And that kid Allen had the game of this life off the bench. 



Really enjoyed that game, and I don't care for Duke b-ball. I appreciated the emotion from Coach K right after the win when he was embracing players. He has a Saban-esque/no fun reputation, so I liked seeing the raw emotion.

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Good game from both teams. I was rooting for Wisconsin so the old timers (ie non one and done guys) could snag the victory. Hats off to the young guys of Duke. Still tired of the one and done crap, ruining college basketball IMO. Just got to know a few of the Duke guys names this evening, won't see them on the court for Duke next season though. No continuity to become really invested in these college teams of late...of course will always follow the Horns.


PS: Taylor really thinking of going pro? Lacks the outside shot for the NBA, could use one more season at least to learn how to run an offense and to distribute the ball more efficiently. Again, IMO! Hate to think who would be running the point next season, but I think one of the incoming guys plays point in HS (?).

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