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*** NCAA Tournament updates ***

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I'm sure whenever coach Cal leaves UK they will be on probation and forfeit wins like every other school he has coached and left. UK is a great team, but I hope the NCAA will instigate a college base

VERY entertaining game.

no day off, but i'm gonna take the mother of all lunches.


Ohio State 75

VCU 72


Shaka Smart, VCU's coach, is many fans' top choice to replace Barnes. Go ahead and add to the list above.

Shaka Smart has 1 more NCAA tournament victory than Barnes in the last 4 years. 


I still think Shaka would be a good hire but I also think there are better choices. This also reinforces my thought on this coaching search......it's not going to be nearly as easy to upgrade over Barnes as many think. 

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Why did I go with Texas ? Baylor I understand, but why Texas ? The only two picks I missed thus far. SMH...I figured Barnes would pull one out of his butt to save his job I guess.


ISU ? I figured they had played with fire far too often falling behind by dbl digits in so many games. Crap like that catches up to you in athletics. Figured they were due to lose.

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Michigan wasn't going anywhere this year with players entering NBA draft. When was the last time Texas had 3 players drafted in 1st round of NBA?


Barnes sucks. I'd take Beilein any day. Beilein recruit shooters which Texas clearly lacks.

he didn't recruit enough to have a winning record this year. I'm not arguing to keep Barnes but im hoping we could steal someone who at least made the Nit.
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Watching Joseph Young play for Oregon reminds me of his days in high school at Yates. That Yates squad might have been the best team ever in the state of Texas. Their 09 team beat teams in the state playoffs by 50 and if I recall they eventually finished as the number 1 team in the country. I would have to go back and see but I would be willing to bet they had 3-5 D1 players on that roster if not more. 

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More high seeds:


Louisville over UC-Irvine

Maryland over Valpo

Oregon over OkStU

Duke over Robert Morris

Wisconsin over Coastal Carolina

OU over Albany

Iowa over Davidson


13/13 higher seeds won today. 2 more appear to be close to doing so & the last game just started. 


I don't ever remember one of the first two days of the tournament happening where at least one upset didn't take place.


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