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i am blaming joeywa....


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...for the loss last night.


he gave my lucky hat a complex by claiming it had "vandy" colors and had switched allegiances.


words do hurt, joey, and your proclamations, ON A PUBLIC MESSAGE BOARD, were hurtful, untrue and most of all, pretty damn tacky.


because the hat was hurt, it could not concentrate its karmic energy on the task at hand, thus there was static on the line during the game causing our batters to take called third strikes and muff squeeze plays they would normally make in their sleep.


i think the mods should consider giving joey a "timeout" until my hat receives a public apology.  


of course it has faded over the years, did the Mickey Mantle who retired in the late 60's look the same as the young mantle of the 51 Yankee's?  of course not.  did the Ted Williams who retired look the same as the splendid splinter who hit .406?  of course not.


to disparage my hat, who has pulled the Longhorns thru many a game (and not incidentally a couple of national championships), is the equivalent of the OU SAE's in the recent youtube video that went viral.


age fades the colors but not the heart, joey.  you need to reconsider your ill conceived words and make it right.


volunteering to hold a tailgate with barbecue with my hat as the guest of honor would go a long way toward righting a wrong.  just sayin'.....

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As someone who had ragged the magic cap with the rest of the usual suspects, I now believe. As the great Crash Davis once said if you believe your winning cause your getting laid or cause your not getting laid or because you wear women's underwear or a hat that is 10,000 miles overdue for an oil change and requires a hazmat suit for the entire seating section under the clamshell,then you are.


Long live the hat.

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