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2016 Recruiting - Week #6


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QB Seth Green (Oregon commit) has officially transferred to Allen (from Minnesota)


You might remember this quote from his dad --

"He is leaving," a source close to the situation said Thursday. "He's going to play in Texas."

Green's father denied that was happening.
"That is not true," Bryan Green said when asked to confirm if his son was transferring. "Do not call him, and do not call me."



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Some quotes from WR Devin Duvernay --


“I used to talk to Coach Rumph all the time. He was a great guy to talk to. But once he left, things cut off for a little while.  But now I’m talking to Coach Norvell a lot. I talked to him a little bit when I was at Oklahoma, and I really like what he’s been saying so far. He’s a really cool guy.â€


“I really like Texas. I was really mad I wasn’t able to go to junior day because it iced over here.  But I’m definitely still looking at them. I’m trying to get up there this spring. I just have to set everything up.â€


“I’ve been very impressed with what Coach Strong has been able to do and the attitude he’s brought to the university.  I really think Texas is going to be great again in the future.â€


-- per 247

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 DE/LB Erick Fowler of Manor (step-brother of DT Desmond Jackson)


“My whole family loves Texas. I grew up a Texas fan, and everybody in my family is like the biggest Texas fan ever. For me to play for Texas would be a blessing.†


“I’ve talked to Coach Bedford about it, and he definitely wants me as an outside linebacker.  I think that’s the best fit for me. We actually run the same defense at Manor as Texas does, so nothing would change.â€


via 247^

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