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Quick Thoughts as Texas falls to Iowa State


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1. Iowa State never led in this game until the buzzer beater. That happened.


2. I know Javan Felix has been consistent for the Longhorns for the last couple of games. In some games, he is consistently Bad Felix or Good Felix. Today, he became both in the same game. 10 points in the first half. Good Felix. Taking a shot with 8 seconds on the clock? BAD FELIX.


3. I love those Texas fans with the white hats and the sweatervest, they are always in KC supporting Texas. When I saw the replay of the buzzer beater with them in the frame and everyone around in exhuberant celebration, they stood there like statutes. I feel for those fans.




I wish I could tell you that Texas played a bad game but they really didn't until after the last TV timeout. This game started to feel like the game at Oklahoma.


It's obvious Texas can compete and beat EVERY team in the Big 12. They just fail to execute after the last TV timeout over and over again. I can't even put into words how deflating it can be to watch a constant trainwreck just waiting to happen. Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked if this team doesn't want the season to be over and Steve Patterson has some serious thinking to do about the future of Texas basketball.


This team has talent, a hard work ethic and the drive to win. They just don't have the confidence to win big games down the stretch. That's the story of the 2014-15 Texas Longhorns men's basketball team.

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Missing the tournament (or an early exit) to get rid of Barnes is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. I want to win an NC. Of course that would bring Barnes back and I would be very pleased with that result.

I have just reached the conclusion we have seen his best and I want better, unless he proves me wrong over what's left of this season, if any.

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Looking at potential bid stealers from other conferences. 

WAC: Nobody, 1 bid league. 
SWAC: Nobody, 1 bid league. 
Sunbelt: Nobody, 1 bid league. 
Southland: We need SFA to win. They might get an at large bid even if they lose their conference tournament.  
SEC: Just need Kentucky, Arkansas, LSU, or Gerogia to win the tournament. 
Pac 12: Need Arizona to beat UCLA in the semis and we will be fine there. 
Mountain West: Semis is Wyoming, Colorado State, San Diego State and Boise State. Only potential bid stealer is Wyoming. As long as Wyoming doesn't win the conference tournament we are fine there. 
MEAC-1 bid league
MAC-1 bid league
IVY-1 bid league
Conference USA-1 bid league
Big West- 1  bid league
Big 12- There won't be a bid stealer. All 4 teams remaining are tournament teams already. 
Big 10-Just need Ohio State, Michigan State, Maryland, Purdue, Wisconsin or Indiana to win the tournament. As long as Penn State and Michigan don't win the conference tournament we are fine here. 
Big Sky-1 bid league
Big East- All remaining teams will make the tournament, there won't be a bid stealer. 
A10-Need Davidson, VCU, or Dayton to win the conference tournament. 
American East- 1 big league. 
ACC-There won't be a bid stealer. All 4 teams left are already tournament teams. 
AAC-We need Temple, SMU, or Cincinnati to win the conference tournament. 

Realistically I think there are only 3 conference tournaments where there could potentially be a bid thief. The Southland because SFA might get an at large even if they lose their conference tournament (that might be a long shot though since SFA's resume isn't all that great). The A10 and AAC also have a shot of seeing a bid thief.  

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Off the subject, but does anyone know what happened to Scipio Tex @ Barking Carnival?


Whether it's Rick Barnes' fault or not, after this much time it is obvious he has done all he can, and we need a new direction.  Let's get some fun back into our BB program.

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Nothing about this game suggests the team wants the season to be over. They played their ass off until the coach went into the prevent defense. I don't understand that comment at all.


I know it's pile-on time but cmon.


here's my quick analysis from the peanut gallery.  first off, i completely agree with Street.


this team played a game the night before.  ISU didn't.  i predicted to others that this would be the difference.  I think it either was, or was a major contributor to the loss.


yes, Felix shouldnt have taken that shot with that much time remaining, but the facts are that Texas played a good game against a really good team and damn near beat them with tired legs.  it wasn't until the last part of the second  half when the gas tank hit empty and they started running on fumes.


here are my guesses and comments as to what happens:


1.  Texas makes the tournament.  they're going to get in so sarcastically calling for the NIT isn't happening.  neither is a game against the dipwags.


2.  There's not a team in the country that's higher seeded that wants to play them.  that includes Kentucky.


3.  I think they make it to the sweet sixteen unless they run into Duke or Kentucky or one of the really high ranked teams before then


4.  I'd like to see Barnes play Turner more.  I don't understand his absence in the game


5.  I wish Thomas would give up the ball rather than trying his "charge down the lane, spin, throw up a prayer or get stripped and act fouled" move with 4 or 5 guys taller than him waiting for him.  how often does that have to fail before he kicks the ball out to someone to take an open 3?


6.  everybody needs to get off of Felix's ass.  he is what he is.  a good kid who's not the greatest, but he's who we've got.  deal with it.

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I believe they don't because consistently this team has failed to produce in big situations.



Most of the teams have at least won in critical situations. Texas only has once but no bad losses. I don't find that impressive


So only teams that have produced in big situations should make the tournament?


Why is that your only criteria for making the tournament?


If that is the criteria then there's a good chance that you won't have 64 teams in the tournament.

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So only teams that have produced in big situations should make the tournament?


Why is that your only criteria for making the tournament?


If that is the criteria then there's a good chance that you won't have 64 teams in the tournament.

68 actually and no, there aren't really 68 deserving teams. but since that's how many they invite we're as deserving as the others being discussed as bubbles.

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Decent results so far for Texas.

Wisconsin beats Michigan. Which means there's only one more team in the Big 10 that could potentially steal a bid (Penn State). I think we want Penn State to beat another bubble team tonight though in Purdue. A Purdue win wouldn't be horrible because it would eliminate the last potential bid stealer in the Big 10. 

SMU beats Eastern Carolina. The top seed in the AAC is still alive and another bid stealer is eliminated. 

Davidson with a buzzer beater to beat La Salle. Another bid stealer eliminated and the top seed in the A10 is still alive.

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Purdue beats Penn State. A Purdue loss might have put them on the bubble, but at least now all bid stealers are eliminated from the Big 10. 

VCU beats Richmond. Another bubble is burst. Richmond should be done, and more help for Texas. That's actually a fairly big result. I thought Richmond had a chance to steal the bid in the A10 if not get into the tournament with a couple wins.

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Wow, Auburn beats LSU. The SEC is a $#@! show. 

LSU was a last 4 bye in Lunardi's bracket. They will be headed to Dayton at best now. They have some nice wins but some horrible losses.....won't even be a top 50 RPI team. Interesting resume. That also means A&M has 0 RPI top 50 wins on the year. A&M was already done but that puts the end of any discussion of them making the tournament.

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