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Texas vs. Missouri - Big XII Tournament - Game Thread


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I think they have already solidified their spot in a regional for sure. If they do not win a few games in OK CIty then they are looking at a #3 seed in Houston or Baton Rouge instead of a #2 seed.

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Love my Horns but just another major sport let down. Making the tournament is not what we are about. Competing for a national championship is where we should be and we are not there in any of the major sports.


Not naming names but I wonder, if this continues, will someone get fired? Schools with no budgets are kicking our asses.


Seems our university like most others is all about $$$..

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We beat Rice, Baylor and Texas A&M this season. Those are not bad wins by any means.


Lost to Loyola Marymount and UT Arlington. Those are bad. Took some blowout losses. Barely beat Houston Baptist.


Horrible pitching losses. The committee knows this. I bleed Orange more than anyone, but its just not our year.

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I have to agree this is a subpar year for Texas baseball. The Baylor and A&M games we won but lost the series. I look for us to make a regional but we will be packing up to go back to Austin after that. Augie is going nowhere. He is the best baseball coach in the NCAA's.

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