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Texas vs UTSA Home Opener ***Game Thread***


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Mayes did well in 1st inning.

Marlow didn't do very well going after 1-0 high pitch, but others did well. Very patient ...Gotta go deep in the count and make pitchers work...Something we haven't done well the last several years. So far batters looking good. Lets see what McCann has after winning the game for us in Houston ??

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T2 (2 outs) Runner on 1B



0-1 take

0-2 take

1-2 away

Checks runner

2-2 dirt; Valentine steals 2B on the ball in in the dirt; Cantu blocks it

3-2 down, another good block by Cantu

Mayes spins, steps off, looks back Valentine to the bag



1 LOB;

Texas up 1-0 headed B2


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0-1 take

0-2 swing

1-2 up

2-2 dirt/away

2-2 fouled down 3B line

Single up the middle; will score as an IF single as it glances off the mitt of the P and dies off the back side of the bump.

Not pretty, but a single in the books.



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So far Marlow is the only batter who looked like last year.......Swinging at crap not making pitcher pitch. Others have looked solid early on, going deep into the count. Mayes looking good thus far on the hill after 2 innings.

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