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#6 Texas opens the 2015 season with a 4-game series against the #13 Rice Owls today (Friday, February 13th) at Rice.


Venue:  Reckling Park
Location:  Houston, TX

All-time Series: Texas leads Rice, 223-54-2


Projected starting pitchers:


FRIDAY (6:00 pm start time)
(Texas) Parker French vs. (Rice) Kevin McCanna


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No. 6 Texas (0-0, 0-0 Big 12) at No. 13 Rice (0-0, 0-0 C-USA) • Feb. 13-15


Houston, Texas • Reckling Park 


Video: riceowls.com/collegesportslive/ (Requires subscription)


Live Stats: RiceOwls.com



Probable Starting Pitchers



Texas – Senior RHP, Parker French (last year: 7-5, 2.41)

Rice – Junior RHP, Kevin McCanna (last year: 8-3, 2.69)



Texas – Sophomore RHP, Kacy Clemens

Rice – Junior LHP, Blake Fox (last year: 12-0, 1.46)



Texas – Sophomore LHP, Josh Sawyer (last year: 1-0, 5.59)

Rice – Freshman RHP, Ricardo Salinas


SUNDAY1 p.m.

Texas – Junior RHP, Chad Hollingsworth (last year: 4-0, 1.15)

Rice – Junior RHP, Austin Orewiler (last year: 1-0, 2.35)





All-time Series: Texas leads, 223-54-2


The Longhorns won 3 of 4 matchups last season, including a 3-2 victory in 11 innings in the Houston Regional.





Texas' 2014 recruiting class was ranked seventh-best in the nation by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper. The Longhorns signed 10 players for the class of 2014, eight of which are from the state of Texas. Despite three of those being selected in the MLB Draft this summer (RHP Tyler Schimpf, C Michael Cantu, INF Travis Jones), all 10 players reported to campus. Of the 21 players signed in the last two years, 20 have joined the Longhorns on the 40 Acres.




On the new baseballs…


From the NCAA: "Flat-seamed baseballs launched out of a pitching machine at averages of 95 mph, a 25-degree angle and a 1,400 rpm spin rate traveled around 387 feet compared to raised-seamed baseballs that went 367 feet. Due to variables, not every trajectory hit with a flat-seamed ball will travel exactly 20 feet farther than a raised-seamed ball, but a 20-foot average difference is an approximate representation of what can be expected."

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Appropriate time to appreciate...


There have been NCAA postseason baseball for 68 years. UT has been in 56 of the tournaments.


68 College World Series and UT has been in 35 with 6 wins and 6 runners-up.


Four coaches since 1911 (with apologies to BCherry who took over 3 years during WWII) and all legends.


That boys and girls is a baseball program.

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A few notes before we get going. 


  • I am not a professional broadcaster.  I'm a fan.  I really attempt to be as neutral as possible in my PBP.
  • I do this because I enjoy it.
  • If there is something you'd like me to change, please feel free to post about it, and I'll try to accommodate your request.
  • I typically will call an entire inning in one post.  The caveat to this is that if we have a pitching change or an inning is going on too long, I may break it up.
  • Also, I will sometimes post as soon as there is a run scored to update you on what's going on.
  • I use a lot of baseball score book terminology, i.e. 6-3 (SS-1B ground out.) 
  • Please enjoy this.  Again, I do this because I enjoy it.

Hook Em!


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Big Time-Kendall in the house!

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Johnson ®

0-1 take

0-2 fouled away

0-2 fouled away

K swinging at a pitch that jammed him

1 down


Shaw (L)

0-1 fouled back

0-2 swing

1-2 in

2-2 dirt

Double into LCF gap; that was a single for most but Shaw has some serious wheels and turned w/o hesitation.

Heady base running


CJ ®

CJ steps out as McCanna really watching Shaw

0-1 foul

Organ playing in the background

1-1 low & away

2-1 misses low


Shaw tags and moves to 3B

2 down

Marlow (L)
0-1 misses a curve

0-2 swing

1-2 away



No score, 1 LOB headed B1

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Camera work on the feed is not the greatest thing I've ever seen





0-1 take

0-2 foul tip

0-2 fouled away left side

Chandler has a small strike zone

1-2 down/in

2-2 low/away

HBP-pitch ran in on Chandler and just catches his arm



0-1 fouled down

Chandler is prob going to be going

1-1 away

Checks runner with throw; good dig by Jones

2-1 Chandler goes; tag was late; great throw but Marlow couldn't get the tag down.  SB

French steps off the rubber. 

2-2 swing; good looking off speed offering; hung up Stainback

3-2 inside

Single just past Boswell.  Johnson gets to it and holds Chandler at 3B


Runners at corners



F7; Chandler tags and scores


1 down

Stainback holds at 1B


Rice up 1-0


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1-0 away

Checks runner at 1B with throw

Checks again

2-0 up/in

Checks again; almost got him leaning

2-1 take

3-1 up

Checks again

3-2 fouled into 1B stands

Checks again

5-3; Stainback was going on the pitch and Boswell makes the right play.  Little dribbler that Boswell barehands and sidearms to 1B


2 outs




1-1 away





Rice leads 1-0 after 1 complete


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