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Ryan Newsome - It's UCLA!!

Mike Garland

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I am slightly hoping Newsome goes to UCLA. Newsome is a very good WR and someone we could obviously use at Texas. We have 2 committed in McNeal and Johnson. We are still in the running for Strickland, Lodge, Burt, Juco Guy and Soso would i think will play RB and WR for us. As good a talent as Newsome is, i would much rather have Soso, Lodge, Strickland, Burt. 

I also think not having Newsome allows us to better recruit Devin Duverney(sp) in 2016 who i feel is similar but better. And we have 2 amazing WRs committed for 2016 class already. 

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I think he still picks Texas, but I'm not nearly as sure as other people. I don't think Texas has ever pushed for him that hard. I still think he ends up picking Texas because of his relationship with Robinson. 


I think we recruited him harder than any other school in the nation, outside of a few weeks in December - January that he apparently wasn't happy with.

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Reading the interviews with him, my guess is that if we had shown him the equivalent amount of attention that UCLA (and Mora individually) has shown him, this would not be close.  UCLA showering him with daily communications, while we went radio dead for awhile.  It seems important to him to feel wanted/needed.  It's not a bad thing.  he is still a kid after all.


But he is also bright.  He knows what he brings.  And he knows both teams need his return skills, his slot skills and his speed.


He also knows where mom wants him to play.


Tough call.  I have spent quite a bit of time in Westwood, and some on the campus.  It's a very sweet set-up. The yoga pants scene there might cause you to melt.

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Quick thoughts on him. 


Would not be surprised if sometime after lunch he cancels to give himself more time to think about it. 


You hear all the time about recruits not sure but in Newsomes case, he is REALLY uncertain. 


Pretty much likes both schools equally - dead even. 


I'm sticking with him picking Texas because Texas is closer than UCLA and his family being able to drive down is huge. 


Again, don't be surprised if announcement is postponed. 

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