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Extra Burnt Ends on Murray & Lodge

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This is the part of your report I don't quite understand. I would think that is one of the most important questions Kyler and his dad would want to know. I would think Watson and the offensive coaches would be able to have a plan on how they would want to change the offense. Especially since Kevin is a former NFL QB. The other option is that this was a get to know each other meeting and the coaches would be able to go in more details on future meetings.


My hope is that the coaches don't promise that Kyler will redshirt since he may be our best QB next year.



Based on how it was explained to us, the coaches saying that they'll "build an offense that suits his skills" is really open-ended. They could install more quarterback runs, a few specific passing plays, or completely scrap 2014's offense in favor of an uptempo spread. 


The point is that no matter what they do, they can turn around and tell Kevin & Kyler, "See we told we'd tailor the offense for you."


The statement is so broad, that it is guaranteed to be true. Kinda of like saying that a surprise is going to happen during recruiting season, then when one happens you say, "I told you a surprise was coming."

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"... completely scrap 2014's offense in favor of an uptempo spread."


Now that Gentry is gone, my view or wish is that Murray and Locksley both come on board.

Reason... we'd have Swoopes, Heard, Murray, Locksley ... all competing and forming a group with an offense geared to the mix of the four. That can't be bad.


They would push each other, and Swoopes might move up layers in potential. Heard would obviously be inspired. They would learn from each other and demand more of one another.


I think that's what Charlie is aiming at: compete, compete, compete. All positions. Four quarterbacks is a good thing. This program will compete all spring and summer straight through August, and it will continue.


Also I believe Swoopes plays better in more fluid uptempo style. He shouldn't think too much or take too much time: Just Go!! So uptempo would be good for all four, and the style does not have to be Oregon. Ohio State sorta put that to rest.


Consider... Ohio State stats for the title game:

538 total yards

  242 passing

  296 running


37:29 time of possession


84 offensive plays

  23 passing  (16 of 23)

  61 running


And... limited Oregon to 61 total plays ...  their total being the number of running plays for Ohio State.


Does that not look a lot like what we've heard Strong aims at? Control the clock, the game, keep the ball, limit the other team on offense so your defense is not on the field that much. Which helps if your offense spends most of the game with the ball.


When it works, it's a helluva productive offense. Ohio State's shellacking of Oregon upended the glorification of that kind of offense, albeit was an undersized team that could not stop a balanced more physical pass-run offense.






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