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OT - UFO's, Bigfeet, ghosts, monsters from lochs, etc.

doc longhorn

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Sorry, been busy but I'll try to type this best I can without making it a novel.


Years ago when our kids were ~4 and 1 1/2 yrs old, we flew to go see some out of state friends. My oldest daughter was fine on all the flights except the last one from DFW to Austin. On that flight we had this little area to ourselves where the seats faced each other which gave us more room. Anyway, she started getting real scared and worried stating over and over "Something's wrong! I'm scared daddy!" even though I was telling her everything was fine. About 15 mins later, my wife asked me "Isn't this flight taking a long time?" to which I replied "It just seems that way since we're dealing with 2 kids". Shortly afterwards, a flight attendant walked by and told my wife she would need to hold our baby when we landed to which my wife said of course she will. Shortly after that, another one came by and firmly, yet nervously, stated to my wife you need to hold your baby a certain way (ie think crash landing). This made us very nervous but we didn't want to show it in front of the oldest. I then told my oldest that she needed to settle down and get buckled up. She stopped fidgeting and calmly looked at me and stated "Oh, it's OK now, everything's fine". Well it wasn't but again I didn't want her to see dad freaking out. Funny, I wasn't worried about me dying, I was thinking more of my kids/wife. She went to extremely nervous to carefree in an instant. Very weird.


The Captain came on and stated that due to mechanical issues with the plane we were landing back in Dallas (they turned the plane around so slowly nobody noticed) since they had a longer runway than Austin. The landing was text book, no issues at all. After we stopped, I looked at the window and that's when I saw a guy in a complete fire suit checking out the underneath our plane. After we all got off, they split us into 2 groups. The group that was walking away was going to be told they were spending the night. Our group, the one with kids, were told we were catching another flight soon. They then told us what happened to our plane, that half of the hydraulics in our plane went out. I didn't know exactly what that meant but a buddy of mine who was in the Air Force later told me that landing a plane with no issues with half the hydraulics gone was a hell of a job by the pilot. You could say it was a miracle even.


We finally get home ~2 to 3am Sunday morning and we're exhausted. We go to sleep and Sunday morning our oldest climbs into bed with us. She asks me "Daddy, what are those angels doing?". I looked up and saw the pictures my wife used to have hanging on our wall of angels and said "There just sitting in the picture sweetie". She replied, "No, not those angels, the ones on the ceiling fan. They look like they're dancing". My wife and I just looked up, then at each other and we both experienced chills that to this day are hard to explain. While both my wife and I believed in God and Jesus, I wouldn't claim that we were real religious back then.


Did she really see angels? Was it a kid with a wild imagination? Remember, she was never scared anytime on any of the legs of the flights we took except for the one we had the issue with and then she was so calm. She had never mentioned seeing angels before that day nor since. To this day she doesn't remember any thing from that night or the morning after. 


I believe the Lord works in mysterious ways and communicates to people in certain ways. My daughter was one of the lucky ones.

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