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He Doesn't Write Everything In Caps Lock. He Just Capatilizes Every Damn Word, Has Poor Writing Skills And Does Nothing But Post Stuff He Gets Feom Twitter And Instagram Without Giving Credit To Who Gave The Info Or What Site He Took The Info From. Posts Everything As Though It's His Own Info That He Dug Up.


We need to be carefully the bad grammar thing could be my writing . :) But I don't share information with anyone. My friends y'all have a great day


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I was gone for a few months and now am back, what happened to McPhaul and to crossfire?


I was too Doc, but reading about his predictions on Malik and Boyd in this thread lead me back to this "Now the insider info stuff will get anyone crucified that chooses to make those bold statements and says them with such confidence only to be wrong." It's hard to come back from that when you start out 0 for 2 or anywhere near that. But I liked Darrell from my limited exposure to him.


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Don't know what your screen name is here, but I know you're here.


Do me a favor and do not post my stuff or my name on 24/7 any more.


Just enough idiots over there to ruin a Swedish Bikini Team bubble bath. 


This is a free site. If they want to know, they can click.

Idiots on 247?  I like it over there.  

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