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Tim Irvin may still visit auburn........


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I doubt it. Irvin spoke glowingly of Strong and the Texas program. There may be some interest in being coached by T-Rob but I have my doubts that it's substantial enough to pull the young man away from this program. There has been a lot of talk about how mature Irvin is, I don't see him flipping after waiting until crunch time to really make his decision. Now obviously, anything can happen. But with the limited amount of time that Irvin has to make a new decision and the amount of love he's shown Texas to date, I'm just not all that concerned. I think in this case, people are just getting themselves worked up into a frenzy. 


I hope your right. Irvin seems to have a stronger relationship with T-Rob, he just doesn't have a relationship with Auburn.  If Irvin is not enrolled at UT by the 20th, then that's bad news.

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Hoskins, me too. Juan, the MIkes, somebody that is a recruitnik is there some sort of explanation? I guess you can use your players to reach out and maybe that's it. Don't know but this is a good question.

Why do you think the coaches can't talk to the kids during dead period? Look up this http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/resources/recruiting-calendars. Shows you and explains rule. Also can read here......https://web1.ncaa.org/LSDBi/exec/bylawSearch

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i just checked and the coaches still haven't asked for my opinion.  when they do - and surely they will - i don't know what to say.  everywhere i look says something different about the season he just had.  did he start 10 games or merely appear in nine, as i read somewhere.  errbody says he had 18 tackles, but the montgomery advertiser says he played sparingly - and not sparringly - after the first two games.


i can't remember when i've encountered such diverse opinion of a true freshman's first season.


i guess i'll just throw in the towel here and leave it up to the staff.


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He started early in the season, then was bumped to 2nd team, but still on the 2-deep for an Auburn team that was not great defensively, IIR. I don't think we need to use a scholly on him unless Texas feels like it's going to miss on a lot of safeties in the 2017 class. He'll have to sit a year, but will have three years of eligibility.

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