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!!!!!Happy Mothers Day!!!!!

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My mom never stepped foot on the UT campus. She never went to Austin for a game. I believe she only attended one UT game and that was the Red River Shoot Out..but..she was the biggest Longhorn fan. She used to write DKR all the time and give him advice. He sent her several nice letters and she cherished them.


Thanksgiving Day a few years ago my mom had a heart attack that would take her life a month later. She lived in Marshall TX and I living in Dallas rushed to the hospital. When I walked in she was very weak but the first word out of her mouth was "Did we beat the Aggies?" After assuring her that our Longhorns beat the Aggies, she got the biggest smile and said only, "Yes." That was the last smile I saw from her.


We buried my mom in her Longhorn dress sweats and in a orange and white casket. The last song played at her service was "The Eyes of Texas" and my cousin officiated the ceremony in a Longhorn shirt. Her pallbearers were wearing UT football jerseys..


In her casket we put in a Longhorn Bear that I sent her from Seattle. All these things she requested.


Take a moment to hug your mom today and if unable to be there call her and tell her you love her.


One day she will be gone and you will miss her wisdom and unreserved love. I miss mine all the time but today I celebrate my mom Franny and the biggest Longhorn fan ever!



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And Franny's commitment to Texas was unparalleled! BM wrote a post last year about her which I'll see if I can find. True fan!!


That post was in reply to a question asked at another site. The question "Can you be a true fan if you never attended the school you are a fan of."


I posted that answer and the questioner closed the question, saying it had been answered.

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I dig the SWUB logo. How do I get mine??


If you guzzle a quart of Olde English 800 in under 10 seconds from a beer bong OR pledge you eternal soul to HornSports.com it can be arranged. Which do you think Beevomav did?

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