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Saturday with Uncle Beevomav


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Welcome to another Saturday of SWUB, where I search the World Wide Web for tidbits to share with other fellow Longhorns. Hopefully I will find something you might not have heard before.


Reading Commander Dude I see my favorite Longhorn QB has signed a one year deal with Buffalo. Since the Bills finished 6-10 last season, I wonder why he is competing for the back up roll? Vince needs someone to understand his unique set of skills and build an offense around him. Look to Carolina and how they used Cam Newton’s talent to their benefit. It is what happens when one team has a head coach and another has Jeff Fisher.


Seems Texas A&M governor Rick Perry is pissed at one of our own. You all know the story and if you voted for this idiot, you deserve him.


The Longhorn Network is not going away! This from DeLoss Dodds:


UT athletic director DeLoss Dodds said Friday the Longhorns expect to have at least two and possibly three football games broadcast on the Longhorn Network this fall. A third game would be an increase from last year, when his office received widespread complaints about fans’ inability to watch two games on LHN.


I see nothing but good news in the above statement. With the structure of the Big XII it seems possible to have four games on the LHN. Three non-conference and one conference game. Remember Kansas had no problem with being on the network last season and there is no rule to forbid Texas non-conference games on the LHN.


Former Stanford athletic director Bob Bowlsby had reservations about taking the Big XII commissioner job because he worried about the league’s long-turn future. He agreed when given UT’s and the other nine schools commitment to making the conference last. He was asked about being the University of Texas’ puppet he scoffed and said “Texas is always going to be the 800 lb gorilla.”…Good job Bob and thanks for setting the rest of the sports world straight.


Poor Aggies left for more $$ with the SEC and now with the announcement of a new $2.6 billion dollar deal with Fox and ESPN, the Big XII will have a financial package that will rival any of the other conferences. Word I read into the announcement is a handshake deal the conference will add two new members in the upcoming years. Let the speculation begin but whatever teams the Longhorns decide will become part of the expanded conference, you will read it at HornSports first and at no cost.


Fan favorite Fozzy Whittaker was not drafted or signed as an undrafted free agent but he remains committed to an NFL career. He was so highly thought of he was invited to the combine but Fozzy who has not been medically cleared to resume football activities said he is in contact with some teams and my be ready for contact by the end of the NFL training camp.


Thanks for viewing another week of Saturday with uncle Beevomav..I hope to find more bits for you next week and until then, Hook Em Horns!

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Good stuff beevomav but this business about the Longhorn Network carrying 3 football games this season is bullshit. They better get the deals done with the major providers or I am going to officially mark the deal as a bust. Fans should not put up with it either. I hope Fozzy lands somewhere soon also. He has the talent and he has the heart for sure.

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Just quoting DeLoss..and he is the one that is saying it is going nowhere..but..remember additional games brings on cable and satellite carriers..U-Verse told me the LHN was all about football and three games is what Dodds says is happening..


and the deal with Fozzy..My take is he is in no hurry because he is not cleared for football activities..When healthy he will land somewhere..My hope is the Cowboys but anyplace is a good place of him..

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I will stand by lancer16 on this one. The LHN and ESPN need to find a way to bring the channel to more fans. If the deal gets done before the season all will be well amongst Longhorn Nation. On the other hand if we venture into another football season that does not allow fans the opportunity to partake in watching all the games (paid or otherwise) then there will be a massive uproar. Don't think in the least bit that Texas fans will get used to this arrangement.


Bill Powers has done great things for the University and keeping the high standards academically while keeping the University competitive with respect to research are only a few. Support Powers and tell the University System Board of Regents you want him to stay for good!


Also of note on Texas A&M is that the Aggies won the gameday vote to host a gameday commercial on their campus. Hope Herbstreit, Fowler, Corso and Erin Andrews are prepared for the atrocities they will witness....


Enjoyed today's post Beevomav. Keep up the great work!



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We are all in agreement and I left out the part where Dodds talks of complaints form "subcriberswho are complaining about lack of football content. This move is being driven by people who currently have the LHN and want more..


Plus I have my own logo so I am always right..ok..well sometimes, but I still have an logo...Thanks to Commander Dude..


BTW Dude..I still love this look..



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Here is the entire article about the Dodds statement and the Longhorn Network:


The Longhorn Network Isn’t Going Away

By: Robert Snyder | Yesterday



Amidst the turmoil surrounding the Big 12 Conference over the past year, discussions about the University of Texas’ Longhorn Network (LHN) had gone quiet.


Over the spring, it seemed that even the number of promos aired on ESPN channels for LHN coverage of UT baseball and softball had decreased.


Well, an article in today’s Houston Chronicle shows that UT is as committed as ever to the ESPN-produced product.


UT athletic director DeLoss Dodds said Friday the Longhorns expect to have at least two and possibly three football games broadcast on the Longhorn Network this fall. A third game would be an increase from last year, when his office received widespread complaints about fans’ inability to watch two games on LHN.


Three football games on LHN? So, much for the one “third-tier rights” game per year on a school’s owned/branded network in the Big 12 Conference. Actually, UT and ESPN will probably keep their one Big 12 Conference game per year on LHN and then twist the arms of some of UT’s non-conference opponents and FOX to let the other two games ‘fall’ to their third-tiered LHN.


If ESPN isn’t able to get more cable and satellite providers to pick up LHN, I could see them trying to up the ante even more get a fourth football game on LHN in 2013.


Right now, with the way the Big 12 Conference schedule is structured, realistically the maximum amount of games LHN could air without massive changes to the Big 12 Conference television contract is 4 per season. One Big 12 Conference game and three UT non-conference home games.

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I'm like you guys in that I feel it is not good that people cannot at least pay to see games if they want to. I think the LHN should offer pay services for games until they get the deals with the networks straightened out , assuming this is something they can do. My other point is that while the evils of the LHN may seem very real I think it is awesome that fans that get the network can watch just about every baseball game and other UT events on television. This is something they could not get before. But now let's get the deals done!

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