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2006 Rose Bowl: A Football Life (coming January 2, 2015)

Aaron Carrara

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I had a guy from the PR department at NFL Network reach out to me earlier today with details about the upcoming documentary on the 2006 Rose Bowl, titled 2006 Rose Bowl: A Football Life.  It airs on Friday, January 2 at 8:00 PM CST on NFL Network.


With much appreciation they sent me the entire film which I am not able to share, but I can tell you it is nothing short of spectacular.  Texas fans will go nuts over it.


Here's the trailer for the film:



It features Vince Young & Matt Leinart, Snoop Dogg vs. Matthew McConaughey, LinDale White and a lot of good stuff from Mack Brown.


A little teaser:  Mack is standing at midfield with OC Greg Davis, looking at the USC team before the game and says to Davis "Man, SC looks like a pro team."  Davis says to Brown "Well coach, turn around and look at yours.  It looks pretty good too."


Vince also always called Mack Brown "Mack Daddy" or "Pops."


And you'll hear what Kasey Studdard says Vince told the guys in the huddle as they looked to take the lead with a minute left in the game.  It's classic.


Get your popcorn ready for this one.  It's really good.





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I was sitting in the lobby of the Sheraton in downtown St. Louis wearing the shirt I got at that game in 2008. This guy at the front desk saw my shirt and came over to talk about it. He goes on and on about him being a Notre Dame fan and couldn't stand USC. I told him my story about being at the game. He then asked me whether I knew that 62 players in that game later played in the NFL and that was an all-time record for any college game. I had not heard that at the time.

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Watched the film again tonight and found it interesting that Mack Brown said from mid-season on in 2005 everything Texas was doing was "pitting their stats & their game against what USC was doing - everything."


Brown also says that every Sunday he would compare stats and look at what USC did vs. what Texas did.



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Reminder that this is TONIGHT.






Matt Leinart & Vince Young Reunite at the Rose Bowl in the First

‘A Football Life’ Episode Dedicated to College Football


Additional Interviews Include Snoop Dogg & Matthew McConaughey


Episode Premieres Friday, January 2 at 9:00 PM ET on NFL Network


“It was just an epic, epic battle.” – Matthew McConaughey


“I’m still in misery over that game, forgive me.” – Snoop Dogg


The 2006 Rose Bowl featured the top two college football teams in the country, many future NFL players and became one of the greatest college football games of all time. It was a sporting event that lived up to all of the immense hype that preceded it, becoming a defining moment for the young men who played in it and creating expectations that few could have fulfilled.


NFL Network’s A Football Life continues Friday, January 2 at 9:00 PM ET with the story of the 2006 Rose Bowl between No. 1 USC and No. 2 Texas – the first time an episode of A Football Life has been dedicated to college football. The one-hour, NFL Films-produced documentary focuses on Texas’ thrilling 41-38 victory, the season-long anticipation which preceded it, and the futures of quarterbacks Matt Leinart and Vince Young.


The 2006 Rose Bowl: A Football Life features sitdown interviews with Leinart, Young, former Texas head coach Mack Brown, former USC running back LenDale White, former USC wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett, actor and Texas alumnus Matthew McConaughey, musician and USC fan Snoop Dogg, and more. The episode also includes Leinart and Young reuniting at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.


Following the premiere of The 2006 Rose Bowl: A Football Life on NFL Network, the episode – along with the entire A Football Life series – will be available on NFL Now, the League’s next-generation video service. Providing fans access to the largest digital library of NFL video anywhere, NFL Now dynamically personalizes each fan's viewing experience, allowing them to follow their favorite NFL teams and players. Visit NFL.com/now for more information.


Every episode of A Football Life â€“ as well as all NFL Network programming – is streamed live on NFL Mobile from Verizon, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Emmy-nominated actor Josh Charles narrates.


The 2006 Rose Bowl: A Football Life includes interviews with the following people and more:


Matt Leinart â€“ Former USC quarterback

Vince Young â€“ Former Texas quarterback

Mack Brown â€“ Former Texas head coach

Matthew McConaughey â€“ Texas alumnus

Snoop Dogg â€“ USC fan

LenDale White â€“ Former USC running back

Dwayne Jarrett â€“ Former USC wide receiver

Frostee Rucker â€“ Former USC defensive end

David Thomas â€“ Former Texas tight end

Kasey Studdard â€“ Former Texas offensive lineman

Brian Orakpo â€“ Former Texas defensive end

Michael Griffin â€“ Former Texas defensive back

Cedric Griffin â€“ Former Texas defensive back

Tim Crowder â€“ Former Texas defensive end

Rey Maualuga â€“ Former USC linebacker

Steve Smith â€“ Former USC wide receiver

Ryan Kalil â€“ Former USC center

Keith Jackson â€“ Play-by-play announcer for the 2006 Rose Bowl

Dan Fouts â€“ Analyst for the 2006 Rose Bowl

Jeff Fisher â€“ Former Tennessee Titans head coach

Ken Whisenhunt â€“ Former Arizona Cardinals head coach

Floyd Reese â€“ Former Tennessee Titans general manager


Provided below are some select quotes from The 2006 Rose Bowl: A Football Life:


“People will be talking about that game forever. We were a part of the game of the century. Probably the greatest college football game ever played. There have been some great championship games but just the magnitude of that game, the hype and all the players that were involved, I don’t know if there will be anything like that again.” â€“ Matt Leinart


“I make movies. We put narratives together for dramatic purposes. I’ve never seen a film that could rival actual dramatic effects that went on in that game, the back and the forth.” â€“ Matthew McConaughey


“We wanted to win by 30, 40 points and celebrate and dance and do what we do, and have the sideline full of celebrities that were enjoying the game. That’s the spirit that Pete Carroll brought back to USC.” â€“ Snoop Dogg


“From midseason on, everything we were doing was pitting our stats and our game against what USC was doing. Everything.” â€“ Mack Brown


“It was basically known that we were the underdogs. Us as a team and university and fans, we thought different.” â€“ Vince Young


“[The] reason why I came out early [was] because the Texans had the number one pick. I would have stayed if they weren’t going to pick me.” â€“ Vince Young on the 2006 NFL Draft


“That’s what he’s about: making big plays. I feel like if you’re a great player, you have to take risks sometimes. It definitely turned the dynamics of the game.” â€“ Dwayne Jarrett on Reggie Bush’s failed pitch in the 2006 Rose Bowl


“Vince Young was impeccable. He was immaculate. He was marvelous, effervescent. I hated everything about him that night.” â€“ Snoop Dogg


“The standard was so high for [Vince Young] and Matt Leinart coming out of that ballgame that neither one of them lived up to the hype that people felt like they should have.” â€“ Mack Brown


“When I look back, I feel like probably early on in my career I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have. I always loved the game; I was always practiced hard, I worked hard but I don’t think I studied like I should have.” â€“ Matt Leinart on his NFL career


“You can’t refer to him as a bust. It’s just unfortunate because [you] just felt like there was potential. It was just hard for him to reach it.” â€“ Jeff Fisher on Vince Young


“I think Reggie [bush] should have been on the field…Honestly I put that on coaching.” â€“ LenDale White on USC failing to convert on 4th-and-2


“I’m still in misery over that game, forgive me. I have spats and spurts sometimes where I flash back. It’s a loss that lives with you.” â€“ Snoop Dogg





Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, fans turn to NFL Network to receive information and insight straight from the field, team headquarters, league offices and everywhere the NFL is making news. Launched in 2003, NFL Network gives fans unprecedented year-round inside access to all NFL events, including the Super Bowl, Playoffs, regular season, preseason, Pro Bowl, Pro Football Hall of Fame induction weekend, NFL Draft, NFL Scouting Combine, Senior Bowl, league meetings, minicamps and training camps.


Currently in more than 72 million homes, NFL Network has carriage agreements with each of the country’s largest television providers including Comcast, DirecTV, DISH Network, Cablevision, Cox, Charter, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse.


For fans on the go, all NFL Network programming can also be streamed live on the NFL Mobile from Verizon app (NFL.com/mobile), the NFL app delivered on XBOX from Microsoft, and through Watch NFL Network (NFL.com/watch), with participating cable and satellite providers. For more information, log on to NFL.com/nflnetwork.  NFL.com is the exclusive internet home of NFL Network. 



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