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HS staff: What say you on the MJ & DM decision?


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MJ - Texas

The wishes of the parents coupled with the uncertainty at A&M help the young man make a wise decision.



A program on the rise and the allure of LA are just too alluring to deny.


(I'm not staff but what the heck)


Gawd I hope your right on this prediction - I am just not optimistic at all about Malik.  Regardless, I like really like your sig line photo - me thinks that is the lovely Miss Upton!


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Malik - Texas ( said it all along. Ya'll should trust me, I'm a borderline genius. Kind of.)


McNeal probably to UCLA. Read that he wants to get into acting so he'll make the wrong football choice I think.


Also, if and when my predictions above come true coupled with the coaching shithole that is currently occurring at aggie, look for that stellar top 10 class of there's to start crumbling.


Thank you for your time. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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I should clarify.  Aggy COULD wind up with a really sick defensive class this year.  I mean a class as in one of the best in the last 10 years.  That good.  They would infuse this class with last years and could wind up being a juggernaut for years to come.  


With just mediocre coaching aggy could be competing for a natty in a couple of years.


This is serious for Texas and I am not there yet, but I could become alarmed, frankly.



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Aggy for both. They will have a team that should be dominant In the coming years. However, they're aggy and will severely underperform by getting out coached and outplayed. We will continue to get better and climb our way back into things for top recruits. We re going to have to do it the hard way though. Unlike aggy, we will actually have to win in order to earn respect.

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