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Another look at recruiting


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This is a post I lifted from OB but it contains some great info.   I added my opinions about the quality and need of each position group.   I thought of this in part to try and have an adult discussion about the state of recruiting instead of the usual chicken little hysterics.


I think we land a very good though not great class, around #12-#15 in the nation.   Outside of DT, we have done a GREAT job of filling needs which is often much more important than over all star rankings. 




Originally posted by Krose3425:


Commits and Highlights



Zach Gentry QB 4* 6'7 237 HUDL 


Matthew Merrick QB 3* 6'2 190 HUDL

Triple, landed a difference maker as well as a talented kid who can be developed.  Big need (though not biggest) . . .


Running Back

Tristian Houston RB 4* 5'10 203 HUDL


Kirk Johnson RB/DB 4* 6'1 200 HUDL

Single today if we closed up shop but rumor is we lead for Mr Warren who would turn this into a triple.  Don't be shocked if Johnson/Warren isn't more productive than Brown/Grey


Wide Receiver

John Burt WR 4* 6'3 180 HUDL - Still a UT/Auburn battle. Possible that he will flip.

too hard to judge, not sure I buy Burt is solid. . .we need Newsome for a single and one more, need isn't as high as other spots but we are in danger of a strike out here.



Offensive Line

Buck Major OL 4* 6'6 280 HUDL

Garrett Thomas OL 4* 6'6 306 HUDL


Patrick Vahe OL 4* 6'3 295 HUDL


Connor Williams OL 3* 6'5 271 Rivals


Brandon Hodges(JUCO) OL 3* 6'5 305 HUDL - Also could check QB Chad Kelly's highlights , LT #58.


Tristan Nickelson(JUCO) OL 3* 6'8 310 HUDL

Double. . Triple if one of the 2 JUCOs can break the 2015 starting line up.  Losing Tony W sucks but it's still a very nice class.    to me 4th in order of need after LB DB & DT


Defensive Tackle  
Du'Vonta Lampkin DT 3* 6'4 307 HUDL

If Lampkin is looking, STRIKE OUT. . .we need two

Defensive End

Louis Brown ATH/DE 4* 6'5 210 HUDL


Charles Omenihu DE 3* 6'5 226 HUDL


Quincy Vasser (JUCO) SDE 3* 6'4 265 HUDL

Double. . .we added an underrated (should be a 4) JUCO who can help right away and two good prospects.  Need was average




Cameron Townsend LB 4* 6'1 205 HUDL

Cecil Cherry LB 36'1 230 HUDL *Committed 12/15/14*


Breckyn Hager LB 3* 6'3 210 HUDL

Triple and this might be our #1 need position. . . Home run if MJ commits



Defensive Back

DeShon Elliot SS 4* 6'2 205 HUDL


Jamile Johnson Jr. FS 4* 6'0 195 HUDL

Double only because we need 1-2 more if LB isn't #1 need, this would be.  Krose has 3 DBs listed below. . .land 2 Homerun . ..land just one, triple. . .


TE is a strike out for now as we have none. . . level of need is pretty high.


Legit recruits still in consideration/Percentage to Texas

(Ex: Malik's overall would look like this - UT 40% / A&M 40% /UCLA 15% / BU 5%)

Predicted Commits in Bold


Kyler Murray QB 5'10 178 5* HUDL - 5%
Thoughts: Murray another "mystery recruit" candidate. Would create great momentum in recruiting. Fantastic player but don't get too optimistic.

Jake Hubenak(JUCO) QB N/A  HUDL - 20%

Thoughts: IF Texas extends an offer, he is theirs to lose. Would provide needed depth. 



Soso Jamabo RB 5* 6'2 206 HUDL - 15%

Thoughts: There has been optimism but until a visit is set up, I'm not going to get excited. 


Chris Warren III RB 4* 6'2 235 HUDL - 60%

Thoughts: This is the ideal back for Strong/Watson. Took his OV weekend of 12/12/14. Will still take his other OV's but I feel good about this one.


Jordan Cronkrite RB 4* 5'11 199 HUDL - 10%

Thoughts: Have seen his name in a couple of reports but nothing significant
as of now. 


Nick Brossette RB 4* 6'0 211 HUDL - 20%

Thoughts: Was a popular early season recruit, OV planned for Jan 17. Currently committed
to LSU

Wide Receiver

Damarkus Lodge WR 5* 6'2 185 HUDL - 5%

Thoughts: Only way I can see him at Texas is if he is the famed "mystery recruit". 


Ryan Newsome WR 4* 5'8 168 HUDL - 45%

Thoughts: Legit concern about UCLA but Texas has built a strong relationship here. 


Deandre McNeal WR/ATH 4* 6'2 200 HUDL - 20%

Thoughts: I fully believe he is UCLA bound, but if it is not, Texas seems to be next up here with A&M's Beaty taking the HC job at Kansas. 

J.F. Thomas WR 4* 6'3 171 HUDL - 10%

Thoughts: Committed to TCU and teammates with Jamile Johnson. Several people like him as one of the top, if not the best, WR's in the state.


Tight End

Chris Clark TE 4* 6'6 247 HUDL - 40%

Thoughts: Need, need, need. USC signing a 4* recently shouldn't do anything but help. 


Devonaire Clarington TE 4* 6'6 230 HUDL  - 40%

Thoughts: See above, but will he qualify? Miami is the other major player. 

Jess Trussell TE 3* 6'5 220 HUDL - 15%

Thoughts: Texas has been in contact, but likely that they wait on the big guys above before really getting in on him.


Offensive Line

Tyler Moore OL 3* 6'5 336 HUDL - 20%

Thoughts: The decommit of Toby Weathersby increases the chances here. Would likely be the last OL commit.


Defensive Tackle

Daylon Mack DT 5* 6'1 330 HUDL - 5%

Thoughts: I want to believe there is a chance, realistically right now don't think there is any more than a punchers chance to even getsignificant mutual interest in form of a visit or in-home. Signing Malik Jefferson would greatly increase the likelihood of him seriously considering Texas. 



Malik Jefferson LB 4* 6'3 220 HUDL - 40% -Thoughts: Not a whole lot to say here that hasn't already been said. Have to think that deep down, Malik knows Strong is the person to maximize his attributes on and off the field. Obviously, signing him would create a huge boost for a recruiting class already building momentum. 


Anthony Wheeler LB 4* 6'2 225 HUDL - 35% 

Thoughts: Impressive player with speed from the LB position. It has been a Texas-OU battle. With the commitment of Kirkland Jr. to Tennessee, he should become more of a priority for the staff.


Defensive Back

Kendall Sheffield DB 5* 6'0 181 HUDL - 15%

Thoughts: Quiet guy, have not seen anything except for A&M updates. Does not seem like a good vibe for Texas.


Holton Hill DB 4* 6'2 184 HUDL - 35%

Thoughts: He is my favorite DB in this class. Long and is equally impressive in the pass and run game. 


Davanta Davis DB 4* 6'3 185 (No HL) - 50%

Thoughts; IMO it is 50/50 with us and FSU. Similar to Hill, Stong/Bedford type DB. FSU seems to have a couple more DB prospects ahead of him, which brings us to... 


Kris Boyd DB 4* 6'0 181 HUDL - 40%

Thoughts: He's been all over the place on twitter, updates, etc. Ultimately, family wins out here. (Brother, who is 2016 RB Demarco Boyd, loves Texas.)


Tim Irvin DB/ATH 4* 5'9 190 HUDL - 30%

Thoughts: He is apart of the Florida group but I have a feeling he stays in state. Electrifying on tape, just awesome.


Justin Martin(JUCO) DB 4* 6'2 195 HUDL - 10%

Thoughts: Would be a plug and play guy, really solid player. If the situation with the OV wouldn't have happened, I would like our chances a lot more.

Ronnie Hoggins DB 3* 5'10 170 HUDL - 10%

Thoughts: Had a little buzz when the FLA guys were being offered. Doesn't have the best measurables but the kid is a ballhawk and playmaker.

Sheldrick Redwine DB 3* 6'2 190 HUDL - 10%

Thoughts: Pretty good size on this safety prospect from FLA, to be honest I don't know much about him.

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Jess Trussell TE 3* 6'5 220 HUDL - 15%
Thoughts: Texas has been in contact, but likely that they wait on the big guys above before really getting in on him.


Having played TE myself, I was impressed by both Trussell's blocking and receiving.  This kid wouldn't be a bad consolation prize.  Appears to have a frame that can hold another 20 lbs, too.

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Offensive Line

Buck Major OL 4* 6'6 280 HUDL


Garrett Thomas OL 4* 6'6 306 HUDL


Patrick Vahe OL 4* 6'3 295 HUDL


Connor Williams OL 3* 6'5 271 Rivals


Brandon Hodges(JUCO) OL 3* 6'5 305 HUDL - Also could check QB Chad Kelly's highlights , LT #58.


Tristan Nickelson(JUCO) OL 3* 6'8 310 HUDL


Double. . Triple if one of the 2 JUCOs can break the 2015 starting line up.  Losing Tony W sucks but it's still a very nice class.    to me 4th in order of need after LB DB & DT



This doesnt count as recruiting but it affects the OT numbers -- Desmond Harrison seems serious about returning.


— Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011



And from BON --


The continued absence sparked questions about whether Harrison would redshirt and return in 2015. According to Chip Brown of Horns Digest, Harrison is redshirting, will be back, and is "excited about next season."


And no wonder -- he would be competing against junior college transfers, a player who was at defensive tackle during the start of fall camp, and a guy called "No Contact At All" by his head coach.


There's never been any question about the NFL upside of the Contra Costa CC transfer -- he was rated as the No. 1 junior college offensive tackle by 247Sports -- it's been about whether he could master the technique of the position and stay out of trouble.


With a redshirt season under offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Joe Wickline, it's not hard to imagine that the technical aspects of Harrison's game have improved and his continued presence on the team indicates that he's following the directives of his head coach -- otherwise he would be gone already.


Continuing his apparent good behavior over the next eight and a half months isn't guaranteed. Neither is contributing if he is on the team next season.


But with Houston Westfield offensive tackle Toby Weathersby no longer a member of the 2015 class and both of the junior college prospects rated as consensus two-star recruits, Harrison represents the best chance of finding a starting tackle who didn't play in 2014.


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QB - Double that could stretch into a triple.

RB - Single that would be a double with Warren (which I think we will get).

WR - Burt and Newsome would make it a home run. However I think we lose Burt and get Newsome which would make it a double.

TE - Strike out.

OL - Solid double, at best.

DT - Single and, if we lose Lampkin, a strikeout.

DE - Between a single and a double.

LB - Solid double as it stands now. Wheeler would turn it into a triple and Jefferson would knock it out of the park. I think we have a chance with Wheeler.

DB - Solid single but expect it to stretch into a double.


I pretty much agree with the predicted commits with the exception of Jefferson. We don't get him unless there is something going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. If there really is a "Mystery Recruit", and it's Murray, then that changes everything. But I'm not holding my breath.

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Thanks, Chuck. We're planning to run a similar piece in early January - less recruiting and more of a total roster analysis. 



Look forward to it, I've always been a "depth chart" follower and recognize that only 3-5 players from a true freshman class really impact the 2 deep. . .or if more, your depth chart is screwed. . . .


But if I may suggest, hold that article till after the 1st Wed in Feb so you know who you landed. . .and it's far more accurate.

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