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Muschamp interviewed with Houston


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said in the other thread...winner, winner. UH's last coach was some guy named tony levine. Muschamp at least brings a little gracitas to the job and it's a good place for him to rebuild his image without the pressure of 'big time' expectations.

Yep. It's also a far better option than going back to being a DC. Now he can learn to be a HC without necessarily learning on the fly with the fact that his expectations will be much lower. That said, I think it's much easier to be a HC at a lower tier school with a gimmick offense than a strong defense.

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Shocking just because I didn't expect Houston to be able to go out and possibly get a guy like Muschamp. Usually they get solid coordinator's with ties to Texas. Guys like Tom Herman, who's also been rumored.


This would be a great place for Muschamp to resurrect his career. Solid recruiting base and a relatively soft conference. Get a solid OC to come with him and open it up on that side of the ball and there ya go. He could be winning 10-11 games a year in short time and then get a better job from there. Remember, the last two coaches before Levine were Briles and Sumlin and both parlayed success at UH to better gigs. I could see him winning there and then getting back into the SEC in a couple of years if a guy like Spurrier retired or someone gets let go or moves on.

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Wouldn't shock me. . . 


Tom Herman I think will land a better gig than UH. . .


Frankly unless Michigan thinks they can tap Harbaugh. . . . If I'm then, I suck it up and get Herman. .. 


I could potentially see Miles taking the Michigan job and then Herman taking the LSU spot.

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A step down for sure but as has been said this might be a good place for him to start over and not have real high expectations coming in.  I wish coach Boom good luck!


Yeah, I always thought he would have been better served being a HC at a place like this where there is less pressure than Florida/Texas. At the same time, can't blame him for taking the chance when Florida offered.

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I could potentially see Miles taking the Michigan job and then Herman taking the LSU spot.

Lsu is a top 5 job right now, they are not going to get an unproven OC. They have made 2 straight good hires by getting the HC of a school that is not the flagship school of that state but has beaten the flagship school(Mich St and Ok St). Thats been their philosophy had been under Joe Dean and Skip Bertman. Don't know what Joe Alleva's background is. Lsu is a currently an amazing job if it came open, you just have to keep it going. Easier said than done but the kingdom is already built and running. 

Herman is a good OC but not going to get LSU HC job. 

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