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Hicks officially gone


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There's no doubt Hicks is probably gone but him accepting a senior bowl invite tells me nothing. Players have to accept or else they will lose a roster spot. Hicks really has no choice here until he hears back from the NCAA. It would be dumb of Hicks to not accept to be honest. Players have accepted Senior bowl invites before and returned to school after receiving a waiver from the NCAA. Don't get me wrong Hicks is probably gone, but him accepting a Senior bowl invite doesn't tell me a thing. I'm sure Strong probably even encouraged him to accept the invite until he hears back from the NCAA. 





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With measurables at 6'1 230, playing LB in the NFL doesn't sound promising.  Hicks will have to make his mark as a special teams player to stick.  IMO, there is simply no way Hicks is drafted in rounds 3-5.  He needs to think long and hard about bolting for the NFL.  At the very least, Hicks would get one more year of studies payed for if he stayed.


Emmanuel Acho was drafted in the 6th round at pick #204 by Philadelphia and was listed at 6'2 240.  I would think this would be Hicks' high ceiling spot in the draft as well.

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Harris is probably making a smart move. He could technically try for a 6th year, but best to go for it after a good year like this. With the uncertainty on offense, it is not a given that he would be able to duplicate it.


Obviously he needs to make a team either in the draft or as a FA, but if he gets a chance he has some good tools.

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