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Conference Bowl Projections from EERinsider.com


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Our buds over at EERinsider.com gave their EARLY projections on how the post-season would shake up in the Big XII. Check the article out here - Way Too Early Big 12 Bowl Projections | April.


They have Texas finishing 4th in the conference with OU, West Virginia and Okie State taking the top 3 spots. Damn they have some confidence in their team! Coacky bastages! LOL.

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Oklahoma State looks to be a bit high on the list and Kansas State looks to be low. Texas could be vaulted up to #2 I think but I am not ready to put them ahead of OU. West Virginia at #2???????? Add 4 and you would be about right.

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I appreciate the link - and since I wrote the article - I'll explain.


I've had a few people tell me I ranked Kansas State low. I understand they have multiple starters returning on both sides of the ball, but I'm still not convinced. I think they have several 50/50 games at home (that may not go their way) and a couple tough road games. In the end, I think they fall short a few times.


In all honesty, I didn't rank WVU high because I'm a homer. I pride myself on being open-minded when it comes to predictions and Mountaineer coverage. For the same reason I was concerned about K-State, I felt better about WVU's chances.


The 'Eers have a schedule that works in their favor. Texas and Okie State are tough road games, but get by those and I'll be comfortable playing at Iowa State and Texas Tech. We get K-State, TCU and Baylor at home - I like that matchup. We get OU at home, but I predicted a loss there.


I may be wrong in some areas ...in fact, there's a good chance I am. But, that's why I titled it "Way Too Early" ....projections. :)

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You guys get Oklahoma at home which is a huge plus. Your non-conference games look lite and your road games is where it gets tricky. You play at Texas, at Texas Tech at Okie State and at Iowa State. I give you two of those four road games as wins. I think OU beats you and TCU gives you a nice game.


West Virginia could very well lose only two games or they can realistically lose 4 or 5. I'll split the difference and say the Mountaineers lose 3.

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