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AP Top 10-basketball


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1) South Carolina 
2) ND
4) Tenn. 
5) Stanford
6) Texas 
7) A&M
8) Duke
9) Kentucky 
10) Maryland

*Not sure how Stanford is ranked above us when we just beat them on their home court. We are 3-0 and they are 2-1. We did get a first place vote, so there's that. Texas plays Tennessee on Sunday so that will be a big time challenge. Once we get Imani McGee Stafford back in January we are going to be deep. 


1) Kentucky
2) Wisconsin
3) Arizona
4) Duke
5) North Carolina
6) Louisville 
7) Texas
8) Virginia
9) Wichita State
10) Gonzaga

*Gonzaga is vastly underrated and Wichita State/North Carolina are way overrated.  

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Remaining nonconference schedule for the men. 

1) Saint Francis (2-2). No comment. 

2) UCONN (3-1). They've struggled really in every game they've played and got blown out against WV. If this game were at home I would feel much more comfortable, but on the road will be difficult. This will be a very interesting game because they have an advantage in the backcourt but we will absolutely manhandle them in the frontcourt. If we make this is a big boy game, UCONN won't be able to handle us. 

3) UT Arlington (3-1). They lost to Buffalo and struggled with Grand Canyon. They are a well coached team though, so this isn't a gimme. At home we should win this fairly easy. 

4) Kentucky (5-0). Wish we had Taylor for this game, but it will still be a battle. On the road will be tough. If you want to watch a football game on a basketball court this is the game to watch. It's going to be physical as hell. 

5) Texas State (2-1). They were blown out by UTSA.  laugh.r191677.gif

6) Lipscomb (2-3). No comment. 

7) Long Beach State (2-3). A much better team than their record indicates. They beat Kansas State and gave BYU/UCLA real tests. This won't be a gimme, but we should win at home. 

8) Stanford (3-1). Duke dominated them inside, I mean really dominated them. At home and big frontcourt advantage, I like us to win this game. 

9) Rice (1-2). No comment. 

There's no reason we shouldn't finish nonconference at least 11-2. We will be favored in every game except Kentucky. UCONN will be tough because it's on the road (I'm also not big on that matchup since they have some crazy good guards). I actually think Long Beach State will be a tougher test than Stanford at home.

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Here's the current RPI. We are at #39, that will improve substantially once we get into Big 12 play. 
Lol at A&M being ranked number 129. That's what they deserve for playing absolute crap nonconference schedules. The SEC is so bad they better not lose more than 7 games because their RPI will be atrocious.
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🏈 Texas vs. Kansas State

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Darrell K. Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium
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    W 58-0
    Texas Tech
    W 70-35
    W 32-27
    L 48-55
    Oklahoma State
    L 24-32
    L 24-31
    @Iowa State
    L 7-30
    L 56-57 OT
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    Kansas State

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