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Mission Accomplished

Sometimes along the path, you need to adjust your sights and shift the plan.   That is certainly the case for TEXAS football and Charlie F Strong (yes I know, it's not an F it's an R but F fits better. . . if you know what I mean) this season.   After a disastrous start to this season which included dropping BOTH marquise out of conference matchups (one badly. . .worse.  .the other we should have won). . . after letting teams like  t169.r191677.gif (shoulda won) and Baylor (coulda won) off the hook .. .CFS was looking at  a 2-4 record.    And this with (at the time). . .with 4 of the teams still to play in the Top 20, 2 in the Top 10.

And sorry this took so long to post. . .a long though fun week of Veteran's Day and Marine Corps Birthday events culminated in the Marine Corps Ball Sat night .. . . . not sure I was functioning well on Sunday .. .Damn that was a good time. . . .

Forget contending for the conference, this very young team needed to make a bowl game to gain another 2 weeks of practice time.   And the next two games didn't inspire much confidence. . .we made the worst team in the conference, ISU (face it, they lost to Kansas) look like an offensive juggernaut considering what they did to our defense then went to KSU and were ground up. . . .steady methodical but we were shut out and lost by 4 scores. . . UGH   sick0021.r191677.gif 

3-5 with a trip to the Bermuda Triangle known was Lubbock t138.png  on Halloween (Happy Birthday to Trace/NTG and I) weekend.   This is the mark of real coaching. . . .anyone can look good when things are going well.  Great coaches don't give up.   CFS leads us to a win in Lubbock (Mack didn't do that his 1st year, cost us the South) then we have t173.r191677.gif  .. .surprise team of the BigXII coming to town then on the road to a hostile Stillwater.    3 wins in a row, 3 dominate defensive performances.   3 offensive performances that while not great, certainly good enough to win.    And both WVU and OSU offer up some above average defenses.(mid tier D1). . .WVU would be CFS' "signature" win and lead to his crowd surfing in the post game locker room.

Now I'll be candid. . . .Okie Lite has had even greater injury problems than we have this year.  Hard to imagine an OL in worse shape than our but that is what they are right now.   Playing with a back up QB who's WRs often seem dead set on dropping key passes and lacking the usual strong running game we see from OSU. . . . they REALLY miss Wickline and I'm damn glad we have him now. . . . .Because our OL is really starting to improve.   

Focusing back on this game. . . what can you say about our defense. . .they are easily one of the Top 10 in the nation.  They just ABUSED Okie Lite. . . Malcom Brown well on his way to All American honors and Top 40 NFL pick status in the NFL draft set the tone early and TEXAS never let up.   

Until the 4th quarter. . . . .TEXAS' D held OSU to a 4 and out or less on EVERY STINKING drive they started, shutting them out along the way. . . 7 sacks, 11 Tackles for losses. . . .that is just ABUSIVE. . . . and wonderful.

So for this year this is what the Horns D has done to the Top 6 scoring offenses (yards often don't tell the story) we have faced so far:

#1 Baylor averaging 50 points a game . . . .we held them to 28

#11  t169.r191677.gif   39 points per game .. . . .we held them  26

#19  KSU   36 ppg .. . . .23 is all we gave up

#30   UCLA.png  35 ppg. . . .. 20

#33   t173.r191677.gif    34 ppg. . . .16

#66   t138.png   29  ppg. . . .13

We have held everyone to almost 2 TDs less than their season average and in every case, I have included their game with us. . .. . that is IMPRESSIVE

And we have a shut out and held 2 opponents to just 7 points. . . . .

The only bitch I have about the D .. . .with 4 minutes left and the game out of reach. . . . we were still playing all our starters.   CFS and Vance do not sub enough and that would have been a great chance to get some of the young guys we might need some reps.   The shut out was already blown so that's not an excuse.   Hate to bitch about awesome but Diggs, Steve E, Hicks, Mykele Thompson are all gone next year.

The offense was a tale of two cities. . ..I mean halves. . . .Half #1 .. . .almost perfect. . .Swoopes channeling his inner Colt McCoy.  Only thing keeping the 1st half from being about perfect was a chip shot FG attempt sailing wide right.   Otherwise 5 LONG sustained drives of 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12 plays leading to 2 TDs and 2 FGs.   This is CFS Shawn Watson football, 7 of 10 3rd down conversions in the 1st half. . . .Swoopes REALLY sharp on his passing. . .His TDs to John Harris and late in the 4th to Armani Foreman were perhaps his best passes as a Horn.   We scored 2 TDs on our 1st two drives.   You simply could not have started a game on the road better.

Then the 2nd half hits and our 3 quarter bugaboo shines it's light again.  We open 3 and out then a punt, defense bails us out and we responsd with a FG so all was not lost. . .but then 2 more drives ending with punts before an excellent 8 play 91 yard drive burning 4 and a half of clock which ended with a 37 year perfectly throw pass to Armani Foreman for his 1st TD of his career putting the game out of reach.

Stars .. . .Jonathan Gray is really coming into his own.   His burst is back and if you don't get him early, he puts a move on and racks up another 5.1 a carry . .. 

Ho Hum, 9 catches for 117 and a TD. . .another day at the office for Mr Harris.   What an amazing Senior story he is.

Marcus Johnson. . .only 1 catch for 17 yards but a key 3rd down conversion on our 3rd quarter FG drive.

Swoopes with one of his best games of his career, 3rd 300 yard day but this was not the Swoopes of KSU. . .he was confident.

Negatives, inability to sustain drives in the 2nd half (four 3 and outs in the 2nd half after none in the 1st) and we still see Swoopes almost refuse to run the ball. . .don't know if that is by design or his call.   Maybe we're saving something for TCU . .. who knows.

10 days to get ready for  t142.r191677.gif  who will be playing for a shot at the CFB playoffs.   This will be interesting, no pressure on TEXAS .. .great defense but we should play loose. . . . big pressure on Patterson and the cockroaches. . . .I mean frogs (channeling my inner DKR).  ... not sure if it matters whether we play in though I would LOVE to have us play in the Armed Forces bowl vs Air Force (not going to happen) or Navy .. . .the key, we're going bowling. . . .which might be bad news for TCU.     Don't be shocked if we pull the upset .. . .

Ranking the BigXII

#1  Baylor. . . .yeah spare me. . ..head to head matters. . . if it doesn't . . .why play the games. . . 

#2   t142.r191677.gif    You don't get much credit for beating one of the worst teams in CFB by 4 but you won and all good teams have bad games. . ..hope you have another on T-Day evening.

#3  KSU .. . Typical well coached Bill Snyder team. . . .

#4 t169.r191677.gif    Well I can't talk crap about head to head and reward the Horns for not only losing but losing to a team with a better record.    Still pissed we lost this game and  UCLA.png .   We coulda/shoulda/woulda won both.

#5   t163.r191677.gif   Finally the Horns climb back into the top half of the BigXII. . .CFS needs to make next year's goal being in the Top 3

#6   t173.r191677.gif   Them getting beat by TEXAS was a classic case of letting one loss become 2. . . they shoulda beat TCU.   Barring a major upset. . .the last BigXII team to go bowling.  And since at least one of Baylor or TCU is going to the playoffs. . . .the BigXII will fail to seed all their bowl tie ins. . .  frown.r191677.gif 

#7   OSU    Needs an upset over Baylor or OU to go bowling. . .don't see it happening

#8  t138.png    KK signed to an extension. .  . .sorority girls rejoice. . . . 

#9  Kansas. . .yes, they actually suck worse than ISU but they beat'em

#10   ISU. . . . .how they lost to Kansas is inexcusable. . . they play in the "who's last place in the BigXII" with TT this week. . . 

If I had a playoff vote (today):

#1   team159.r191677.gif    vs #4  Baylor

#2  Oregon vs #3  t143.r191677.gif 

FSU won ugly but they won

1st out

#5  Miss State   #6    t142.r191677.gif     #7   t172.r191677.gif    I can see a case for any order here.   I actually can see a case for anyone in any order but Bama and FSU. . .to me they are the only 2 unquestionable locks. . . ..TODAY.

Semper Fi & Happy Birthday to all my Devil Dog friends. . .you missed a great ball . .. . .I have to say. . . the playoffs are certainly making CFB more interesting this year. . . .


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