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Season preview: Demarcus Holland (by: Chris Flanagan)

HornSports Staff

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Demarcus Holland (6'2" 190lbs, #2 Guard)

Highlights of Demarcus Holland:


As a sophomore, Demarcus Holland saw a dramatic increase in his minutes per game from 16.5 up to 29.6. All of his statistical averages doubled accordingly.

The issue with Holland is his inconsistency as a shooter. As a freshman, he shot 34.4% from the field and as a sophomore, it only increased marginally (41.4%) despite his increased minutes. If Holland doesn't improve his shooting percentage, opposing teams will play off of him and clog up spacing for other players.

One positive trend in Holland's game is that his 3pt shooting percentage nearly doubled from 17.4% to 29.2%, The bad side was his free throw percentage dropped from 66% to 57% - that is unacceptable for a guard who plays nearly 3/4th of each game.

The improvements needed for this season are better dribble penetration and an improvement in free throw shooting. It's clear that he can shoot from three point range, if he improves to 35% - 40%, it will create more space down low for the big guys which is going to be Texas's bread and butter. 


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