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MVP for Texas through 9 games?


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Any name but the DT Malcom Brown is as laughable as him being named the "unsung player of the game.. . . young man is having an All American season. . .not sure anyone else is even playing at an All Conference level. . . 


MB is playing to move from the top of the 2nd round into the 1st.


Yes, John Harris having a nice season. . .he's having a 2nd team all conference type season and drawing some NFL interest. . .3-5th round maybe


No one else even in consideration.



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I look at this team without John Harris and wonder if there is a player that could fill his shoes if he weren't on this team.  Texas hasn't had a 1000 yard receiver in a season since Jordan Shipley in 2009.  Harris is on pace to reach 1K yards this season.  I can certainly see the argument for Harris as MVP.

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gentlemen, may we please take a moment to define MVP - This is an abbreviation for Most Valuable Player and is an award given to an individual player for their outstanding achievements during the season.

i took the liberty of obtaining this particular definition from  - sporting-charts-logo.jpgtherefore, this is not something that i just made up.  

gentlemen, upon my view, all of the aforementioned players that you have hereby listed as your respective choices, are certainly worthy as per honorable mentions.  however, are they really TEXAS MVP material?

any honor of this particular magnitude, shouldn't just be given away... it should hereby be earned.  upon my opinion, an MVP shouldn't be just about how many hits a player may bestow, or how many 

passes a particular player may catch throughout the season, or even how many pass completions throughout a respective season.  along with all of these aspiring and wonderful accomplishments,

an MVP should also harbor the unshakeable will to inspire leadership.

now isn't LEADERSHIP the all important ingredient that this year's TEXAS football team seem's to be totally devoid of....

now you show me a respective TEXAS LONGHORN that is showing a broad amount of LEADERSHIP along with his own athletic prowess / skills / expertise, and i shall happily anoint him MVP.

however, i shall continue to call it as i currently see it... paper dolls.  

you can dress them up in burnt orange and white uniforms to look the part, add in BEVO, the LHB, the LHN, and everything else... and they are still paper dolls...




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