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Ringing the carillon - Campus Report (by: Kylie Hopkins)

HornSports Staff

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One thing I am tired of talking about is being disappointed. It seems that I am constantly getting my hopes up and having them dashed. This is not to say that our team can’t perform for the rest of the season, and it is not to say that they have disappointed me fully, but I feel like the little mistakes that cost us the game are getting in the way of our true potential as a football team.

If I hear one more false start penalty, I’m going to lose it. I am going to march down to the field and slap the player who starts before the whistle. Those are yards that we can’t afford to lose, yet we give them up like pennies into a wishing well.

There has been talk this week about the coaching staff: are they doing enough? Do we have the right men coaching these positions? I think at a certain point, no matter how much a coach tries to get his player to win, the decision is up to the team. If the Longhorns are itching to win as much as they should be, these little mistakes should be fixed at the hands of the players that are causing them.

We have leaders. We have players that are stepping up and going to these press conferences and practicing late and constantly trying to better themselves. These players will make the difference, but they need to keep leading. They need to inspire their teammates and push them to believe that they are an extremely capable team.

Our football team is improving on paper. Our offense looks better, our defense is exponentially better; we are getting better. This week, I hope they continue to drive to get the W and turn this season around, and I’m still rooting for them to do so.

Basketball season is around the corner and I am extremely excited. Our performance last year during March Madness was better than many thought we could do, and our ranking improved because of that and our team of seasoned players. Our roster only boasts two freshmen, including the effervescent Myles Turner. I love me a bucket hat. Watching Turner play should be an exciting experience.

Though our volleyball team slid in the ranking to no. 5, we still have a shot at the NCAA finals. In the matches against China this week, five of the players, Khat Bell, Haley Eckerman, Chiaka Ogbogu, Cat McCoy and Chloe Collins, were suspended for violating team rules. This sounds a little familiar (looking at you, Coach Strong). Luckily, the girls were back for yesterday’s game and defeated China. I do wonder what violation occurred, though.

This weekend will be another good test for the Longhorns. We need to beat Tech. We have to beat Tech. I can’t imagine the bloodbath that would ensue at our game against TCU if we don’t beat Tech. So let’s go do that, shall we? 

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there's been a lot of talk about enhancing the game day experience and getting students more involved in the game.

i think some sort of drawing where a lucky student(s) could walk down on the field and slap a player after a false-start is just what the doctor ordered.

Patterson...make it happen !

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