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Oh Aggy.

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I'm having a deja vu moment watching Sumlin right now. It's exactly what happened with Mack Brown at the end of his tenure at Texas. 

In Mack's next to last year (2013) he landed the #17 composite recruiting class. Sumlin landed the #18 composite recruiting class this year. 
In 2014 Texas landed the #16 composite class. I know it's early but just looking at projections I would be willing to bet A&M ends up around the same ranking. 
In other words, both coaches are landing some good players but not elite classes. 

Texas at the end of Mack's tenure had misses on areas of need like DT and QB. 
Same thing is happening right now at A&M. LBer and DT really stand out. 

Texas had no discipline at the end of Mack's tenure. Which is why Strong had to dismiss so many players once he took over. 
Same thing is happening at A&M. The next coach will have to dismiss several players in similar fashion as Strong.

This is Mack Brown 2.0. Their roster is gonna be so screwed like Texas was when Strong took over.

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I certainly hope the rumors of Herman's disinterest in aggy are true.


I'd hate to see A&M end up with a good coach! It's the culture, alumni, and jock-sniffing administrators like Chancellor Sharp that make it an undesirable job for most sane individuals. 


That would be awful

I am counting on you to prevent this from ever happening

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