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Oh Aggy.

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aggie just hired U-Dub's AD, Scott Woodward. Does he know what he's gotten himself into?



Aggy probably caught him in a weak moment and offered him chicken fried steak while he had the munchies.

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Some coaches he’s worked with over 33 years, from 1992 to 2015 (short stint late, at a high school).

Source: Wiki.  If I read and copied correctly, here's his coaching tree associations:


Leon Fuller at Colorado State

Jim Wacker at TCU and U Minn

Tommy Tuberville at Ole Miss and Auburn

Dennis Erickson at Oregon State

Chuck Amato at NC State

Ed Orgeron at Old Miss

Eric Mangini at NY Jets

Dennis Erickson again, Arizona State

Jim Mora, UCLA


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I have a hard time buying that the Eagles were seriously interested in Sumlin.



Eagles Pursued Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin For Head Coach Job





Now if it were Cleveland it might be believable because they are stupid.

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