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Oh Aggy.

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Is this too mean to post?    

Yep. Mack was pretty darn successful at North Carolina before coming to Texas. 5 out of his last 6 years at North Carolina he finished in the top 25, with a couple top 10 finishes and 3 10 win seasons

What a day......     I had to come check just one last time. Think what that means and where we have come from am excepting fan base in just a few days.   Maybe this STAFF deserves our patience

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Dickerson and nephew RSJ posing by a gold Trans-AM. aggie excess?

So I guess the ags finally got a return on investment for that trans-am they gave Dickerson? I chuckle that Dickerson smiles and denies any wrongdoing in the SMU scandal (and the trans am deal), and we all think it is amusing decades later. He and Craig James are a couple of lying D-bags.

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Texags is pretty amusing right now.

At least, from my perspective

For ex, their new nickname for Sumlin is "The Coach that Johnny Built".
Or Kevin "Dumlin."
It is amazing how quickly attitudes can change.  Not so long ago, they were prettay darn cocky


Trey Williams apparently tweeted yesterday that half the team wants to transfer, but can't because of NCAA rules. It's a complete dumpster fire if that's true. Something to keep an eye on though, as I wonder if Texas would be interested in a couple of their players. 

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Today marks the 11-year anniversary of the worst loss in aggy football history (which was the largest margin of victory ever in a Big 12 game)

On November 3, 2003 ou beat aggy 77-0 in Norman.

Who can blame them for transferring to a conference where they would be more competitive?





ou could have scored 100 that day. stoops was merciful.

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aggie has their very own special program on SEC Network, "The Pulse".  Here's the episode following the Bama game.  Sumblin is interviewed at the 12:45 mark.  Enjoy!



I tell you what, give those videographers some credit. They know how to paint a picture. They took a game that most with a shred of football intelligence knew was going to go badly for A&M and made it appear as if it was a shocking outcome of game played between two equal opponents. They kept the focus on A&M "not quitting" and made sure they only mentioned the score twice. Afterwards they focused on how good of a team Bama is and didn't say much on how poor of a team A&M has proven to be. That's how you spin a story right there. Give them their paychecks, they've earned them.

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