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2014 Ryder Cup (Spoilers)

Lukus Alderman

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America is battling Europe this year in Scotland. 4-some Matches started early this morning and will continue throughout the day.


At this point, the score is even with both sides recording 1.5 points.


America has been led by the duo of former Longhorn, Jordan Spieth paired with Patrick Reed winning 5&4 over Poulter/Gallacher.  Europe's top group has been Rose/Stenson, winning 5&4 over Watson/Stinson.


So far, the known afternoon match is Furyk/Kutchar(USA) vs. Westwood/Donaldson(EU).

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Keegan Bradley/Phil Mickelson come from behind to beat Sergio Garcia/Rory McIlroy.


USA up 2.5 to 1.5.


Afternoon foursomes as of now:


Furyk/Kutchar (USA) vs. Donaldson/Westwood (EU): EU 1 up through 10


Mahan/Johnson (USA) vs. Rose/Stenson (EU): All square through 8


Walker/Fowler (USA) vs. McIlroy/Garcia (EU): EU 1 up through 6


Mickelson/Bradley (USA) vs. Dubuisson/McDowell (EU): EU 2 up through 4

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i thought watson blew the pairings in the afternoon and said so before they started the afternoon rounds.  sitting his hottest players was not the right call IMO and i hope it doesn't come back to haunt him.  it looked like he went with his predetermined lineup rather than playing the hot hand.


hopefully, it doesn't cool them both off, and then maybe he doesn't make the same mistake tomorrow.


we need to win the matches tomorrow and get this thing back to even or at most one down.


i don't think this ryder cup team is the best we could have fielded.  not putting kirk and horschel on the team is questionable, but its a damn hard job to make those picks so its easy to second guess.  really, the only real complaint i have is the decision to sit two players after the morning round that kicked asses and took names.  that sent a bad message to his team.


the only tournament i love more than the ryder cup is the masters.



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