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Herbstreit on Strong's discipline


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“What do you expect him to do as a head coach when you’re trying to change things?,†Herbstreit asked. “Just say, ‘Oh well, you’re a really good player so we didn’t really mean these rules apply to you. You do whatever you need to do. We’re gonna talk to these other guys about trying to change the culture. You’re fine to be late for meetings or not give us your best effort. You’re good. Just keep doing what you do.’ “What do you think he’s gonna do? Of course he’s gonna kick guys off the team. That’s what coaches do. Charlie Strong isn’t the first coach to come around and kick guys off the team because he’s trying to change the culture.â€


Great to know there's at least a few sane talking heads at ESPN. 

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Cut to Commercial Break


Seriously guys, do we have no stories for THE Ohio State?




In all seriousness though, it does seem like he has a grasp on what Strong is doing. With that, it also seemed like he wasn't giving much credit for what Strong is doing either. He says that Strong isn't the first coach to come around and do this, which is correct. But when was the last time there was a Coach who held his team to their principles this much? I can't remember the last Coach who really made this much of an impact this quick. 

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maybe it's wishful thinking on my part, but it seems like there are more guys coming around to CS's point of view and disagreeing with the finebaum's of the world.

If people would just ignore talking heads like Finebaum they would disappear. Finebaum's sole purpose is to troll as he lacks any type of real journalistic ability. Same goes for Clay Travis. Clay Travis jump started his career by creating a website which exists only to troll.  

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