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Directors Cup History

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The Directors Cup has existed for 21 years. 

Stanford wins it every year.  laugh.r191677.gif Granted, they have an advantage since they offer certain sports that other schools don't offer. Still they've been dominant. 

Texas has 15 top 10 finishes. 6 top 5 finishes. 

A&M has 5 top 10 finishes. 1 top 5 finish. 

Oklahoma has 2 top 10 finishes. 0 top 5 finishes. 

The schools that seem to dominate are Stanford, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, USC, and UCLA. I'm a little surprised by North Carolina. 

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So I was actually pretty curious about this and decided to look it up. You're pretty much right, outside of one year, Stanford has won the Cup every single year. The first year it was awarded to North Carolina (Stanford took 2nd) and every year since, it has been awarded to Stanford. That kind of leads me to ask (in a somewhat rhetorical "I know the answer" kind of way), what is the point in having a competition that is so heavily dominated by one entity? It seems that other Universities would have to adopt additional athletic programs in order to even compete with Stanford. Therefore, you're setting the expectation that Universities "spend" to compete.

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ok...did i read it right on the 'directors cup' website? it factors in 10 mens and 10 womens sports for a grand total ?

i guess i'd put that in the 'nice to have' conversation but if we won one of these with football (and to a lesser extent baseball and basketball) mediocre or worse, would anybody give a crap?

hard to envision a run of 'directors cup' championship gear at the co-op.

but i get that patterson, as AD, has to say all sports are important.

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Didn't know where else to put this. Since this is multi-sport, I thought this might work.




Former Longhorn Marquise Goodwin has taken strides as both a professional football player and a track-and-field competitor. But Sunday, he came up short in the Olympic trials long-jump finals. Goodwin, a wide receiver and kickoff returner for the Buffalo Bills, finished seventh in the Eugene, Oregon trials. His 27-foot, 3/4-inch jump was 13 1/2 inches behind top finisher Jeffery Henderson, the 2015 Pan Am gold medalists, and 6 3/4 inches behind third-place Will Claye. The top-three long jumpers qualify.
Despite missing the mark, Goodwin tweeted out a positive message.
"God made me a winner today; not by winning a medal/ spot to #Rio2016 but by overcoming my fear of losing," Goodwin said. "Thank You Lord for this opportunity."

Goodwin jumped just long enough Saturday to make the final round. Finishing 12th of 12 to advance, Goodwin's 25-foot, 8-inch jump (8.45 meters) was two feet shorter than his personal-best 27-8 (8.45 meters) earlier this year, per ESPN.
"Man, four years ago, I got 10th overall in the prelims, and won the finals," Goodwin told ESPN after advancing Saturday. "It doesn't matter what you do the day before the finals. Honestly, just come back, refocus and it's a new day."
Though he upped his finish from 12th to 7th on Sunday, Goodwin's finals performance wasn't enough to send him to Rio. The miss keeps him from reaching what he told ESPN was his No. 1 goal.
"[Medaling] would be No. 1, being that I've never won an Olympic medal," he said. "I've accomplished a lot, but an Olympic medal is something I've always dreamed of. The Super Bowl, as well. If I could get two of those, I could probably die right after. God forbid that happened, but I could."
For a full list of results in the men's long jump, see the image below. U.S. track and field trials continue through July 10.

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