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Florida State Suspends Jameis Winston for first half vs. Clemson

primal defense

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The Johnny Football punishment. Here is the link to Deadspin for what he said in public.









Florida State suspends Jameis Winston for first half vs. Clemson



Florida State is suspending quarterback Jameis Winston for the first half of its game Saturday vs. No. 24 Clemson in the wake of an obscene phrase he yelled in a public space Tuesday.

"As the university's most visible ambassadors, student-athletes at Florida State are expected to uphold at all times high standards of integrity and behavior that reflect well upon themselves, their families, coaches, teammates, the Department of Athletics and Florida State University," interim president Garnett Stokes and athletics director Stan Wilcox said in a statement. "Student-athletes are expected to act in a way that reflects dignity and respect for others.

"As a result of his comments yesterday, which were offensive and vulgar, Jameis Winston will undergo internal discipline and will be withheld from competition for the first half of the Clemson game."

Seminoles coach Jimbo Fisher said earlier on Wednesday's ACC teleconference that the school was considering punishment for Winston after a report that he jumped on a table at the student union and shouted the vulgarity.

"It was not a good decision," Fisher said. "You can't make certain statements that are derogatory or inflammatory to any person, race or gender. You have to understand that."

"You have to be very intelligent about what you say, (because) it matters."




Deadspin first reported the incident, citing several Tweets from witnesses. The obscenity is apparently a gag rooted in an Internet meme that has gone viral on college campuses.

Still, Winston is in a different circumstance because of his celebrity and the fact that he was accused of sexual assault last year. The state prosecutor in Tallahassee declined to bring charges against Winston, citing problems with the investigation and saying the evidence was unlikely to lead to a conviction.

Winston has been involved in a series of incidents of varied severity since arriving at Florida State three years ago, from shooting pellet guns to stealing crab legs to a current school investigation into the alleged 2012 rape of a female student.

Fisher said the school was still deciding whether Winston might miss any playing time against Clemson.

"It's something that has to be addressed," Fisher said. "We're talking as things go on right now."​




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Florida State just wants to keep him playing for the next three and half months.




How many strikes will Winston get?


In August 2013, a few weeks before Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston became a national sensation and leading Heisman Trophy candidate by throwing for four touchdowns in a 41-3 victory at Pittsburgh in his first college start, he offered reporters a few words of wisdom.

They might have been the last intelligent words to come out of his mouth.



"If I get Manziel disease," Winston told reporters, "I want every one of you all to get your mikes and start slapping me on the head."

Obviously, Winston was referring to former Texas A&M star Johnny Manziel, whose "Johnny Football" persona seemed to take on a life of its own -- and become more important than his team -- after he won the Heisman Trophy in 2012, becoming the first freshman to nab the award.

Winston, who claimed last year's Heisman Trophy as a redshirt freshman, has somehow turned "Manziel disease" into a chronic case of knuckleheadedness.

On Wednesday, Florida State officials suspended Winston from playing in the first half of the No. 1 Seminoles' home game against No. 22 Clemson at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee on Saturday night.

The punishment is the result of Winston allegedly standing on a table near FSU's student union Tuesday and screaming obscenities, which mimicked a popular Internet meme. The phrase is of a sexual nature and, depending on your age, might range from being utterly offensive to tacky (or, sadly, even funny) if you heard it.

Shortly after FSU interim president Dr. Garnett S. Stokes and athletic director Stan Wilcox announced Winston's one-half suspension in a joint statement, in which they described his behavior as "offensive and vulgar," Winston apologized for his latest off-field troubles, which have become all too familiar in his time at FSU.

"First of all, I want to apologize to the university, my coaches and to my teammates," Winston said. "I'm not a 'me' person, but in that situation, it was a selfish act, and that's not how you do things around here."

Funny, the last time I checked, you can't spell Jameis without "me" and "I."

Sure, Winston is a 20-year-old college student, and 20-year-old college students are apt to make dumb decisions. But how many strikes does Winston get before he goes from being a foolish, immature college student to a complete knucklehead who can't be trusted? He's already into his second at-bat at FSU.

We've heard his apologies too many times before. His words once again ring hollow. After Winston was cited for shoplifting crab legs and crawfish from a Publix grocery store in April, he said in a statement: "I realize that I am in the public spotlight and my conduct needs to be above reproach. ... I must realize that my mistakes are magnified and can bring great embarrassment to all those who support me every day."

Oops, he did it again.

Give Florida State a sliver of credit -- at least FSU administrators did something about his behavior this time. When Winston was accused of sexually assaulting a FSU female student in December 2012, FSU officials and the Tallahassee Police Department did little to investigate the credibility of the allegations. The incident wasn't brought to public light until nearly a year later, and only then was the case referred to the state attorney's office.

Willie Meggs, the state attorney for the Second Judicial Circuit, chose not to pursue criminal charges against Winston in December 2013 after a weeks-long investigation. Only recently did FSU officials reopen their own inquiry of the allegations, after the university was accused of ignoring the woman's Title IX rights by the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights.


Is Winston so self-absorbed that he couldn't realize the ramifications of shouting the obscenities on the FSU campus on Tuesday? It would seem that Winston -- after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman, and still being under scrutiny for the alleged incident -- would be the last person who needed to repeat the vulgar words he shouted, regardless of where they originated and how popular they might be on college campuses.

Then again, it's not as if Florida State officials have done much to curb his questionable behavior. Whenever Winston ran afoul of the law in the past, FSU officials essentially shrugged their shoulders and waved it off as Jameis being Jameis.

After Winston was caught taking the crab legs and crawfish without paying, he was ordered to complete 20 hours of community service and was suspended from playing in a three-game baseball series against Minnesota. But FSU football coach Jimbo Fisher didn't discipline him for the incident. You know what they say about double jeopardy.

And let's not forget that Winston's redshirt sophomore season at FSU might not be anything more than an audition for NFL head coaches and general managers. Before the season, he was widely regarded as the No. 1 quarterback available for next spring's NFL draft, if not the top prospect overall.

At a time when the NFL is dealing with a public-relations nightmare when it comes to domestic violence, NFL owners, general managers and coaches might have cringed after hearing what Winston said on Tuesday.

Some might argue that Winston's punishment for the latest incident isn't severe enough. In fact, FSU officials might have set him up to return to the spotlight once again after getting a slight slap on the wrist. What if backup quarterback Sean Maguire, who has attempted only 26 passes in his college career, struggles against Clemson, only to have Winston come into the game after halftime and lead the Seminoles to another victory? Winston will be the hero once again.

During his news conference on Wednesday, Winston talked about the adversity the Seminoles would have to overcome against the Tigers on Saturday. It's another distraction he created.

"You've got to overcome adversity -- and that's one thing at Florida State we do," Winston said. "We're gonna overcome adversity. And when I do get my opportunity to play, I'll do everything I can."

Even if Winston made the mess again.



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The Johnny Football punishment. Here is the link to Deadspin for what he said in public.





How do we look back now, after everything else that has happened and come to light, at the recruitment of Manziel and Winston?


Mack Brown took quite a bit of heat over his failure to recruit/sign both these QBs.

There was an entire internet meme created over this idea -- "Mack only recruited him as a safety."

This idea had some legs for awhile, but has now lost its momentum, at least as regards these two.


Are the Heisman/MNC worth all the grief now caused for FSU by Winston? (separate note - is he bi-polar?)

What about Johnny Finger?


Knowing what you now know, would you still rather us have signed them?

Or do you consider us lucky we avoided them both?


What about Mack Brown?  

Was he prescient?  Did he know something about them both that caused us to back away, yet he did not want to publicly disclose (i.e., was this another example of Brown showing some class?).

Or did he simply bumble his way through, getting lucky in the end?

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Latest Jameis Winston chapter paints humiliating picture of Florida State





Jameis Winston has spent the past year embarrassing Florida State, but that's a big school. Big football program. Big donors. Big fan base. It's hard for one person to embarrass such an entity all by himself, and to be the embarrassing gift that gives the whole year 'round, but now Jameis has a partner committed to the continuing degradation of Florida State.

And that partner is Florida State.

Yup, the school has followed the lead of Jameis -- what, you thought it should be the other way around? -- and decided to make like Jameis and start embarrassing itself. Just for the hell of it, I guess. And after one game on the job, FSU is off to a great start


Jameis makes an ass of himself, lugging everything he represents -- like it or not, Winston is the face of the FSU football team, athletic department and university -- to a busy spot on campus and yelling a vulgarity about women. Had that been, say, a relatively anonymous Florida State offensive lineman, that would have been worthy of some sort of team punishment. And had it been, say, a relatively anonymous FSU offensive lineman, I have the feeling it would have been a serious punishment of some sort. Perhaps the suspension for a whole game. Maybe more.

But Jameis isn't some anonymous offensive lineman. He's the guy accused of raping an FSU student. You know that story, with all its ugly twists and turns, and how for a few days last year that nauseating story held up the entire 2013 season. Florida State was heading for the national title game. Jameis was heading for the Heisman Trophy. The accusation was appalling regardless of circumstances, but the circumstances made it something that could affect an entire year of college football. This was enormous, and although charges were never filed, the nation now plays word association with the FSU quarterback (and by extension, the team and school he represents): Jameis Winston? Accused rapist. FSU? School where the accused rapist plays quarterback.

All of which is why Jameis Winston is the last guy in college football -- not one of the last guys; the very last guy among the roughly 10,000 players on scholarship nationwide -- who ought to be walking around campus, screaming a vulgarity about women.

But then, Jameis was also one of the last guys in college football -- maybe not the very last guy, but on the short list -- who should be walking out of Publix this spring with $32.72 worth of crab legs, either because he stole them or simply forgot to pay. (Who among us hasn't purchased stuff from a grocery store and then walked right past the cashiers because we forgot to pay? Oh, right. Almost nobody among us has done that.)

So what we have here is a guy who has been accused of something horrible, avoided being charged with it, and within a month won the Heisman Trophy and the national title. Something like that could go to a guy's head. Untouchable? That's how Jameis apparently perceives Jameis. Because what happened next was the crab legs. Then the vulgarity.

But what we have here is not, to use that previous hypothetical, an offensive lineman. What we have here is the most important player on the No. 1-ranked FSU football team, arguably the best player in the country -- he is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, after all -- and the game Saturday against Clemson was enormous. And so the FSU powers, after discussing the issue with Winston, decided to suspend him for one half.

Until they learned Jameis Winston had lied to them.

That's being reported by a pair of big-time reporters from different national outlets, and neither report has been denied by Florida State. The report is that Winston was called into the offices of FSU leaders and wasn't truthful about the vulgarity episode.

So if yelling something vulgar on campus is worth a half-game suspension, what's it worth to look FSU administrators in the eye and lie to them?

Apparently, just another half. The second half. And so Winston missed the entire Clemson game, an event that showed just how badly Jameis Winston has spun out of control in Tallahassee.

First, the suspensions. One half for the vulgarity, another half for lying. Who's the spineless FSU president, Roger Goodell?

Then, the uniform.

You heard, right? Jameis Winston, suspended for the entire Clemson game, showed up for pregame warmups on the field. In uniform.

Pads and everything.

That's ridiculous, nonsensical, stupid. It's also telling, in that Jameis Winston thought he could get away with it. Why? Because he gets away with almost everything. He's the most important person on the FSU campus, clearly the most financially valuable person on campus. And Jameis appears to know it. He's the little bitty tip of the tail, an individual strand of hair way down there at the end, who is wagging the whole damn dog at Florida State.

How does this happen? Because Jameis takes. And because Florida State gives. The school is a joke for the way it has handled the totality of Jameis Winston, chronic embarrassment. Say what you want about what should have happened to Winston last fall or even after the crab legs -- and for the record, where some folks saw spinelessness, I saw fairness and logic in FSU's response -- but what happened in the days before the Clemson game, and what happened shortly before kickoff, was proof of just how badly Florida State has lost its way.

Jameis runs that school, not the other way around. He'll play Saturday against North Carolina State because Jameis is in charge. He'll leave after the season and become some stupid NFL team's multimillion-dollar problem, but he'll leave a long-lasting mark at Florida State.

He already has.

Oh, and he also won the Heisman and a national title.



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