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Calling all Questions!

HornSports Staff

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A couple of questions:


1) Can you go into detail on the difference between the development of an offensive lineman vs a skill position player? How does the weight training, playbook managing, and scheme adjustment differ for a freshman at a line position as opposed to a skill position?


2) Was there any sense from the staff or others on the sidelines that one of the major causes of the somewhat underperformance of the offense is due to the fact that Ash may have had a concussion during the game?

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I can answer number 2 and number 1, but number 1 will take a little more time.



There was a sense somethjng might be different or bothering him. However he continued to tell everyone he was alright when asked. This is a kid that faked his way through a concussion test last year just to play.

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1.  what on earth happened with the prospects with disney?  i was at the game last week, and i didn't notice anything different as per the game day experience.  in fact, i found it outdated, folksy, and lacking.  apparently, i wasn't the only one, upon many of my other forums, the overall mood is consistent.. nothing has changed to improve the overall game day experience as per longhorn fandom.  there were so very many complaints.. everywhere.  the one overall bright spot that i noticed.. was that our fans seemed to come alive within themselves, and started cheering like crazy to help the team on the field. (in fact, i was one of them) many of us, were completely hoarse after the game itself.  many fans, were hereby complaining about the team intro, fans were complaining about the problems as per the outdated jumbotron, fans were complaining about the bad food selections, the high prices of water.. the lack of consistent customer service.  you name it, they were hereby complaining.  what is going on here?


2.  hey gents, any current news in regards to facilities?  what's the vibe upon this avenue upon your corners?  


3.  next week's game against ucla should be a spectacular showdown.  especially, should we take care of business, and beat byu.  what are your plans in lieu of this forthcoming gridiron spectacle in arlington, tx?  shall there be a planned caravan?  anything fun looming, as per HS to try and market itself at such a burgeoning event?  what are we doing?  surely, HS is not going to allow for such a grand marketing opportunity, such at this magnificent event to come and go with no plans... right?  


4.  ok look, the other day when i got to the airport in houston to prepare for flight to austin, i would have just loved to be sporting a huge, deep burnt orange, large graphics, HS t-shirt.  i saw a few OB t-shirts here and there.. there were a few HORN FANS t-shirts.. i saw one INSIDE TEXAS t-shirt.. heck, i even saw two BARKING CARNIVAL t-shirts on fans walking by.  now please do not get me wrong, for whenever i travel to prospective longhorn gridiron matchups, i always represent our school in burnt orange head to toe gear.. as god only knows that i own tons of it.  however, i would really appreciate the opportunity to try and help out our own cause here at HS as per a marketing opportunity.  you know, (a walking billboard) or so to speak.  once i arrived to my hotel.. w austin downtown, there were throngs of burnt orange clad fans everywhere.  once again, i would have loved to be sporting a HS t-shirt to market our great website / forum.  aaron and matt, both of you guy's know that i love you dearly.. right?  therefore,  please do not take offense, as per my shouting.. WHERE ARE OUR FREAKING HS T-SHIRTS DAMNIT!

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