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There was once a Chinese restaurant in Missouri that distinguished itself (among MANY) with it's own recipe of chicken wings.  I mean, these chicken wings were flat out awesome.  They were floured and deep fried but had a strong garlic taste along with a spicy red pepper but also had sweetness to the coating for a truly unique and one of a kind taste than all of the other Chinese restaurants.  These wings were so popular, that lines were becoming the norm for this place at lunchtime and the noon buffet.  Folks literally could not get their fill of these wings.  


New management came along and determined that the other dishes on the buffet were not being sold or eaten and that they were basically turning into a wing house.  So, they took the wings off the buffet and turned them into a menu only item.  Buffet traffic dropped dramatically but take-out orders for the wings remained strong.  So, now they weren't selling hardly anything on their buffet anymore while their competition rejoiced at their stupidity.  Finally, they put wings back on the buffet but traditional Chinese recipe wings,   The Hot-Garlic, Sweet Wings were a special order only.   They made a major ad push to show that their other products were even better than those wings.  Within a year, they were closed and out of business.  Turned out, people just missed what brought them and their friends there in the first place.  And management, while not their original business plan, couldn't understand that fate had given them a chance to stand out in the market and against their competition and set a new standard that they would be known for.  All because they didn't want to be known for something they didn't like or care for.  They thought the customers wouldn't miss the reason they came.  They were wrong.


I miss Crossfire and hearing the behind the scenes stuff.  Like it or not, it's the reason so many of us came here.  May not be considered important (or palatable) to the new management or something they don't want to be known for but fate gave you guys a gift...and you'd rather throw it away than be known for something you didn't plan on.



Yeah, I know..."too bad hornrush!"  I get it.

Boocoo dinky dau!



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