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OT: HornSports OFFICIAL Supercalafragalistic Team Uniform Thread

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a$m proposed helmet re-design:  

Air Force put the warthog teeth on the helmet      

After posting within this thread for quite awhile I have come to the realization that it all reeks of USFL and NFL Europe, and of course the numerous arena leagues. I think that sums up most of the of

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Now this helmet reminds me of the old Copper Tank bar off of 6th street that opened while I was on the 40 acres. Anyone with me? Dollar pints on wed? Maybe we can make some home brew in this copper helmet.

More palatable than the straight chrome version, but still too gaudy for my tastes.  Yes, I know it's not intended for middle-aged guys.


If we do a burnt orange lid, I want it to resemble the white helmet as much as possible.  Pearl finish?  Matte would be okay, too.

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Word is, Iowa State, is changing their red helmets' finish - going to matte instead of high gloss. Let's compare.



I'm sorry, red just doesn't look good in a matte finish. Cyclones will be eraser heads this year!


I don't mind the matte, much better than the shiny versions that cause migraine headaches and loss of vision. I guess those helmets could temporarily blind a DB allowing a receiver to stroll to the end zone easier! Agree on the red, the gray matte helmets I have seen look much better.
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When shown this pic Charles Omenihu tweeted he preferred the current helmet but would like to see new jerseys. I think its inevitable Texas does a special uniform once or twice a year. Its like wearing a suit when you were a kid. You knew it was a special day and you felt special. Im a 50 yr old man and I admit I like seeing the jerseys the schools break out week to week. I know kids have to. No need to go overboard

though when you already have top 5 uniform


quote name="CCausey11" post="106693" timestamp="1408069581"]

Agreed...truly awful

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finally!   a beautiful under armour uniform.  however, the matte helmet is hideous.  i hate matte helmets!  period.

Yeah, I'm on the fence with the matte helmets.


Sometimes it looks good with darker colors like black, navy, BU's hunter green, and aggie's maroon.  Other times, not so good - especially red.  I think lighting has a lot to do with its overall appeal.  Guess we'll find out with ISU this year.

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