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OT: HornSports OFFICIAL Supercalafragalistic Team Uniform Thread

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a$m proposed helmet re-design:  

Air Force put the warthog teeth on the helmet      

After posting within this thread for quite awhile I have come to the realization that it all reeks of USFL and NFL Europe, and of course the numerous arena leagues. I think that sums up most of the of

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Agree with most of UO's unis, but I actually liked these because they're in school colors. The Ducks don't have a distinguished history as a traditional CFB power, so newfangled uniforms are their niche. Nike CEO, Phil Knight, uses them as his personal experimental lab.




Agree, some of their offerings are OK, they had a cool matted gray helmet at one point that I liked. Is a bit ridiculous to have a clone of Donald Duck on your helmet which I believe was an old school option. I just don't like the multi-pattern and color look, I do like solid color designed helmets and jerseys. Am I getting old? Today's kids have poor music taste and need to get off my lawn!

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Dartmouth Big Green new Nike uniforms.



I guess all of the 4-5 star kids will now want to suit up for Dartmouth because of these new trendy uniforms! All of the old school Ivy League stars of decades ago turning over in their graves as we speak. Actually this offering is not bad, Ivy league unis always look like high school uniforms previously. I also appreciate that it is actually worn by a human instead of those creepy mannequins I have seen sporting other teams uniforms on this thread.
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I like the all black look myself.



I do too.  Burnt orange numerals, letters, and strips ... maybe leggings.


I put two together some time ago for some folks on HornSports that wanted to see a Black Set. I only posted one of them. (The one you see above) This is the other.


Texas Strong Edition


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I like both of these AND the all Burnt Orange ones ... they are all simple like our current all whites.  I would not want them to be candied up any more than this though.


I try to find the line between modernizing a uniform set whilst also paying homage to the tradition of the school and their uniforms. I've always been a fan of Texas finding an alternate that's a bit more updated but like others, I think Texas has a tradition to uphold. I created and posted another Texas set months ago that I called the Texas Grays. They're about as candied up as I'd ever be willing to go.

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Thanks for sharing J.B. Out of those, my vote would have to go to OSU. Their Alternate Duds are fundamentally sound throughout. They're bold, yet simple and classic. I have a few issues with the others.


Baylor - I think they actually did Baylor a disservice by only posting the Chrome helmet. The actual uniform itself is fairly sharp and I dig the bear paws on the sleeves. The numbers on the uniforms were a needed fix that they addressed and the gold shoes were fairly nice. The Gold Chrome helmet looks great but I wish they would have paid more attention to the edging on the Logo when placing it on the helmet. As looking at it directly, you can tell it's a sticker. It should all look completely one dimensional.


WVU - I simply don't like their throwback logo on the helmet. It looks like a postcard. Outside of that, I like the Uniform. (I like their obnoxious yellow version more though)


TTU - I actually really like Tech's new uniforms. I think all of them outside of the Lone Star version are solid. My only knock on this set is I'm fairly certain it's the Uniform that says "Never Quit" on the back. Which seems entirely too corny to make it on a Uniform.

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