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OT: HornSports OFFICIAL Supercalafragalistic Team Uniform Thread

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Was thinking along those lines... all black, that is.


Take the current burnt orange jersey... make all the orange = black. All the white lettering, numbers, stripes stays the same.


Pants solid black save for double white stripe down the sides.


Mandatory everyone wear a steel grey legging. (could be white but steel grey might add a cool factor)


Shoes are black with white accents.


Gloves,.... black & orange,...or black and steel grey.. The only spot of orange.


Helmet is Mercedes Black... not flat. Will resemble Darth Vadar shine and menace.

Longhorn logo is pure white -- no reflective surface. Pure powdered sugar white with same surface as current orange Logo.


Face guards can be white or black. Some will want one or the other specifically.


Charlie Strong wearing black turtle and steel grey trousers. Black shoes. His Longhorn logo will be steel grey.

He will look badddddd.


Other staff and assistants on sidelines in burnt orange top, black trousers, black shoes. Black Longhorn logo.


Add... steel grey for any arm wraps/bands.


And the helmets must be knock-out Darth Vadar black.


So you've got Storm Trooper Whities... and Darth Vadar all black.

The steel grey leggings and two-tone black-white shoes will set it off.

If the leggings are white, it will not work. Or black. Go steel grey. Kind of mercury aluminum.

Like one of the Mercedes CLS-550 colors.

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