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T.J Vasher 2016 Ath.


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Any other pertinent information?  Height, weight, 40 time, level of play or any other such information would be appreciated.  Hard to see from the video, but it seems that he is rather chubby.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.


Of course, on closer inspection, it looks like the kid you are posting about is playing both quarterback and receiver.  And, of course, the chubby guy is the other quarterback.  No big deal, but it would be helpful if their were more indentifying information in these posts.

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My bad, TJ is about 6'4 170 from Wichita Falls Rider. Only has an SMU offer but has been CB'd to Texas on 247.


Thanks, Throthefade.  I appreciate what you have brought to the forum since you started here.  Now that you have set up unrealistic expectations for yourself ... please!  Do not let the pressure get to you.  ;)

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Thanks alot, I really enjoy this site. I check out many different sites and I can tell you this one has the least amount of ignorance from the fan base. Alot more maturity on this site than some of the others. I hope I can continue to provide some recruiting information on this site and I will be able to provide more things once the season gets going and it gets closer to February. 

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