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Spring Game Thread - 2012 Texas Longhorns Football


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There is a clear distinction in where the #1's are vs the #2's. Up front is where its obvious.


JD, I hear what you are saying, but its clear that Ash is in total control of this offense. Body language is completely different than last year.

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Halftime. Honoring Fozzy with am award. Thoughts from first half, the scrimmage is clearly pointed at emphasizing the offensive side of the ball.


Ash is the clear #1 at this point. Managed the offense very well.


Where is DJ Monroe and his expanded role?


Joe Bergeron is a MAN!!!


The OLine looks good.


No clear depth at WR yet.


Jeremy Hills is saying don't forget about me.


I don't like Mike Davis in any return role.


Is it ok to have a man crush on Jaxson Shipley? Love him at punt returner. He looks healthy and faster.


McCoy will get someone hurt with his beachball floating passes.


I like William Russ at punter. Pruitt has been solid but nothing spectacular.


This defense will dominate next year but don't look for anything today. It's too much of a controlled environment.


2nd half awaits.

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With the depth issue still being there you can see how much of a drop there was in recruiting 2-3 years ago. I am still convinced Mack had started to turn things over to Muschamp and started disconnecting from the overall recruiting process. Another year and this program is back.

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Sorry for the delay. I was taking photos for the website. Also, my apologize for the delays today. Technology issues on.my end. It will get better.


I will be here at he stadium for a little while finishing my post scrimmage thoughts. Look for that later tonight.


Second half thoughts, depth is a serious issue. Connor Brewer needs to be red shirted, but he will be a very good. It was a pretty uneventful 2nd half. Nothing really caught my eye.


The defensive 2nd team isn't very good, the offensive line depth needs work, but getting better.


Was Mike Davis at the scrimmage? He was non-existent on offense for the most part.


Is Joe Bergeron the #1 back?


I think Mykkele Thompson along with DJ Monroe will be a great return tandem.

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Honestly I thought we looked pretty mediocre today. YEah, the first team guys performed well but I have always hated Spring games because you can't touch the qb. Until they get knocked on their asses a few times they can candy ass around everything. Ash looked ok and Brewer was impressive to me. Don't think he will redshirt.

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