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5 Worst Fall Wedding Weekends


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Who gets married in the fall anyways?   ;)






Fall Weddings are popular. They conflict with college football. Generally, we’d suggest not to let watching sports with your Internet friends disrupt touching moments with your real life ones. But, getting knocked out for the bulk of a football weekend is still annoying. Here are the five worst times to be absent. 

Week 14 [Nov. 27-29]

Forcing your loved ones into formal wear after Thanksgiving is sadistic, un-American and downright vegan. However, a preliminary google search suggests Thanksgiving weddings may be a thing people are doing. Ohio State vs. Michigan and Alabama vs. Auburn are that Saturday. If you, somehow, need more after last season, this weekend has Florida State vs. Florida, Clemson vs. South Carolina and USC vs. Notre Dame. Not to mention the Civil War and the Apple Cup. Stanford vs. UCLA and Arizona vs. Arizona State on Friday? Texas and Texas A&M showing off their rebound rivals on Thanksgiving night?  This is, indisputably, the worst weekend for a wedding.


Week 11 [Nov. 6-8]

This early November Weekend features LSU hosting Alabama, Oklahoma hosting Baylor and Michigan State hosting Ohio State. That is three potential conference-deciding games. There are a couple good ones out West as well, with Notre Dame traveling to Arizona State and UCLA visiting Washington.

Week 6 [Oct. 2-4]

While there are no great paper games this weekend, it has ample depth. Oregon vs. Arizona is the night cap on Thursday. PACtion? Saturday offers Texas vs. Baylor, USC vs. Arizona State, Auburn vs. LSU, Ole Miss vs. Alabama, Tennessee vs. Florida, Notre Dame vs. Stanford and Michigan State vs. Nebraska. At least one of those games will end on the final play, and you won’t be able to tweet about it in real time.



Week 7 [Oct. 9-11]

Texas vs. Oklahoma is this weekend, if you are into that sort of thing. There’s a potential Pac 12 title game preview and a definite quarterback duel with Oregon heading down to UCLA. A couple solid SEC matchups with Florida vs. LSU and Missouri vs. Georgia. USC heads to Arizona. Also Petrino vs. Dabo with Louisville heading to Death Valley.

Week 8 [Oct. 16-18]

Florida State hosts Notre Dame, which should be interesting in theory. Baylor travels to West Virginia in what should be another epic Briles vs. Holgorsen shootout. Florida hosts Missouri. The Pac 12 offers Washington at Oregon and Stanford at Arizona State.

[Getty, USA Today Sports]

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Goodness me!   We now have a thread discussing the best times for weddings in the Fall?  This is rather disturbing.  I think a nap is in order.  I had said that I would prepare supper tonight ... but ... no ... Goodness Gracious!  I think a nap is in order.  I am glad we had this talk!

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