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Up date on CJ Hinojosa

Donald Boyles

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Well now it appears that C.J. went on a recruiting trip to College Station.


I did not think anything about this post when I saw it


Cj Hinojosa ‏ @Cj_Hinojosa




I gotta big decision ahead of me to make! I'm not sure what is gonna happen but I'm gonna let everything play out in his hands #faith


But then this one has me scratching my head;


Cj Hinojosa ‏ @Cj_Hinojosa





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@Agbaseball23 haha that shit was so funny! But yah I got you bro!

In reply to Gandy stubblefield

5h Gandy stubblefield Gandy stubblefield ‏ @Agbaseball23


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Good to see @Cj_Hinojosa in aggieland yesterday. #Aggiebaseball

Cj Hinojosa Cj Hinojosa ‏ @Cj_Hinojosa




@Agbaseball23 it was good seeing you too brotha! Had a blast!

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Now you all should feel bad for ragging him about the aggy thing. Dude is a true Longhorn. Happy to have him on the team. Hook'em!


As soon as someone considers aggy, I am liable to give them a side eye about being a "true Longhorn". However, I'm glad to have him on the team and hope he makes it to campus.

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Anybody know the details of the issue he had with his coach at Klein Collins? Didn't he get kicked off the team for a while?


He was kicked off his team back in the fall after he announced that he was going to enroll early at Texas. When that fell through he went back to his coach and they worked out the details.

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Committing and then getting cut up? Yikes. When is the baseball draft?


I was just doing some research n this very topic;


Day 1 of the 2012 First-Year Player Draft is on Monday, June 4, at MLB Network's Studio 42 in Secaucus, N.J. The Draft will air live on MLB Network and MLB.com at 7 p.m. ET. MLB Network will air a preview show, simulcast on MLB.com, at 6 p.m.


More info on the draft;


The basics of the Draft, under the new CBA:


• Each team has a designated pool of bonus money it can use to sign players selected through the first 10 rounds. Minnesota, with the second-worst record in the Majors a year ago and holder of three supplemental picks, has the largest bonus pool, almost $12.37 million. Houston picks first overall, has 11 picks and has a pool of almost $11.2 million. Anaheim, with eight picks overall and none in the top 60, has the smallest pool, about $1.65 million. The total pool is $189.9 million, slightly less than 2011's 10-round spending total of $191.9 million.


• The deadline for signings, which had been in mid-August, has been moved up to July 13.


• Any player picked after the 10th round can be signed for a bonus of up to $100,000.


The shorter time frame is important, because it could mean an extra year of development in a professional system for more players.

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Good info djbfootball. Are there projections on where Hinojosa or any of the other commits will be selected in the draft? Moreover, any that we should be worried about in terms of being drafted high enough to say goodbye to college ball?

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