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Green Thumb Landscaping Work - Outstanding


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I wanted to give a big shoutout and a huge THANK YOU to Green Thumb Landscaping and their crew for the incredible job they did on my yard and my sister's place.  My yard was basically a trim-back and planting of plants & shrubs in the back (the trim job was enough in itself) while my sister's place needed landscaping, post-pool build.


First, they made the trip down from the DFW area to do the work and second, these guys work like no other landscaping company I have ever used or seen.  I'll throw in that Darrell McPhaul was overseeing the job for Green Thumb, while Mark's foreman Cesar is probably the most skilled landscaper most of us have ever seen or will see.  It was hot outside and these guys work really, really hard.


My sister's place took two days and the Green Thumb crew created chopped stone flower bed borders in her front yard and dug an entire huge bed in the backyard and planted trees and shrubs.  It took the guys a day to trim everything back at my place and add to a dreary set of existing plant in my backyard flower beds.  One giant palm tree took them several hours and a chainsaw to get all the dead fronds removed.  It was THAT BAD!


If anyone here on Horn Sports (or folks that you know) are entertaining landscaping additions, I highly recommend Green Thumb and Sirhornsalot.  He flew down to my place and took pictures, then send me a digital plan of everything so I knew exactly what I was getting and how much it would cost.  The crew was professional, energetic and made sure that we were satisfied with the job before they left.


Pics of the job are below.  Thanks again Mark , Darrell and crew at Green Thumb!


Sister's Place:














My Place:















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So glad you and your sister are pleased with the job. Cesar is gold and has been with me for a long, long time. Darrell has been a great addition for Green Thumb and I appreciate him making it over from Austin to join us.


We likely won't go to Houston again but we do go to Austin, Waco, Northeast Texas and all points in between. The humidity in Houston has left an impression with the guys. I welcomed them back with some ice cold beer and we talked humidity and mosquitos for a couple hours. lol




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