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It is currently 95 degrees . . .

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. . . in my bedroom right now. Second floor ac unit had it's compressor go out last night. Although it's 102 outside, it actually feels cooler out there right now.




Luckily I trade with my neighbor, the Trane master tech. I give him year-round landscaping and he fixes whatever AC issues I run into. Luckily, he was home and is now installing a new compressor. But it's friggin so hot in here right now.




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I wish I had those problems. My a/c control is stuck on 72 and the freaking ice maker is making more ice than I can use. And I just stubbed my toe on the case of crown royal that is sitting in my den. Don't talk to me about problems.


LOL....Duke, drink up some crown for your pain!


I have to sleep with AC at 77.  So freaking hot.  

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I expected "it is currently 95 degrees...and OU still sucks".  Sorry, it's a '70s and '80s mindset from when Barry Switzer dealt a lot of misery

to my Longhorns.  But I have digressed from the main topic...sorry you guys are having a/c problems, hope things get better for you.  



Well, it did cross my mind that indeed, OU still sucks.  :lol:


AC got fixed at 7 p.m. this evening. It's down to 80 now so things are close to normal again. He said it might take a while to cool down.


I am so going to sleep in tomorrow.

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$150-200-depending. Lower in winter months due to using natural gas heat. We use the AC in the summer, mainly because of major hay fever and pollen levels are so high here. If we leave our windows open, the pollen is unbearable.

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OMG!!!! That's ridiculous!! How much cheaper is it during the winter months?

During winter I guess it's 350.00 - 400.00 or so. Big house that my wife grew up in. 4200 sq feet, a 5 ton and a 3 ton ac unit and 2 window units (don't hate, I grew up in South Longview).


We do the average bill pay so there is not really a big variance most of the time. We're also on a small electic cooperative so switching too Swepco may be something I look into.

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