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joe bergeron gone


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— Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011



Timing is bad on Thompson. . .has nothing to do with anything but medical issues. . . . 



As to the QB situation, Ash is a choir boy and Heard is known as a great leader so while it would suck, if I'm losing any. . .make it Swoopes. . . 


Hey, we got coach Holtz son as a walk on. . . . .

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Timing is bad on Thompson. . .has nothing to do with anything but medical issues. . . . 



As to the QB situation, Ash is a choir boy and Heard is known as a great leader so while it would suck, if I'm losing any. . .make it Swoopes. . . 


Hey, we got coach Holtz son as a walk on. . . . .


Everyone just kind of forgets about the other QB on the roster, Miles O.


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Add Estelle to your list.


These kids are costing themselves MILLIONS in NFL money. . . .


As Red (70's show reference) would say . . . .. dumbass



Bergeron is the most shocking to me, I would have thought he'd have thrived under CFS . .. good year and he's a 4th-6th round NFLer.

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This was posted on the free board over at OB, not sure who the original source is. Guessing 247.....correct me if I"m wrong. 



Charles Omenihu (Rowlett): "Honestly I think it's a good thing. You have to get the guys who aren't doing right out. It sets an example for everyone else too. It lets them know if you aren't doing right you need to straighten up or you'll be out too. It doesn't help the team if you are acting how you should."

Pat Vahe (Euless Trinity): "It just shows you that Coach Strong and his staff mean business. They aren't going to tolerate anyone doing wrong and causing problems. It's simple really. You act right, you stay and play. You do stupid stuff and you're gone."

Deshon Elliott (Rockwall Heath): "Like I said on Twitter, Coach Strong wants no part of the nonsense that is going on. If he thinks you've been acting up he tossing you out."

Ryan Newsome (Aledo): "It's definitely real down there. Things got real in a hurry and it's a prime example of just how serious Coach Strong is. He means business. I'm sure it will be better for the team in the long run."

Anonymous parent of highly rated 2016 recruit: "I love it. When I send my son off, I want there to be a coach who takes care of his kids and isn't afraid to discipline them. There's a couple of other programs that don't do that. That's why we aren't seriously considering them anymore. Coach Strong has caught my full attention with it and I think every parent will say the same."

Louis Brown (Burton): "You must be strict before you can win games. The team with the most discipline will make the least errors. Plus, the coach must be in full control in order to get the best out of his players."

Darius Anderson (Missouri City/Hightower) - 2016: "All I can say is the man is not playing with these student athletes. I like it because if you are not going to go by his rules you are out of there."

Jeffrey McCulloch (Aldine Davis) - 2016: "I really don't know the whole story. Haven't followed up. I just know players got in trouble and lost their scholarship. A football team needs discipline to win so if you break the rules or don't buy in you'll be dismissed and I agree with that."

Parent of recruit: "Coach Strong is earning my respect. He's getting a lot of flack on social media, but he's proving to be a man that walks the walk."

Donatvious Jackson (Alief Elsik) - 2016 "He is making moves and bettering his team. The season is here and if they aren't taking it serious they don't deserve to play. He has to make a statement."

Parent of recruit: "That's the way he runs his household so this doesn't surprise me at all."

D'Eriq King (Manvel) - 2016 "That's good for the program. He's coming in and making a statement. Trying to get those guys on the right track!"

Reggie Hemphill: "Basically that's how my coach here operates. That's how we do it at Manvel. There's no room for people like that and I have no problem with it at all."

Jordan Carmouche (Manvel) - 2016: "I think that it is a good thing to do. I like the way he is very strict on his players so that no one person can be a distraction to the team.

JP Urquidez: "I think what he's doing is a good thing. With a prolific program like UT there is no room for stuff like that. Also it dosent help him with recruiting when you keep them around."

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Chip Brown should not have put K Thompson's name out there the way he did. In his rush to be first he caused Kendall to seem to be part of the purge. He is not.

I have said it before. I think chip brown is an ass hat second rate reporter. And thought that before he joined OB.


I know many on here disagree with me and that is fine.

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