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Assessment of Dismissals/2 deep

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Check out this thread with reactions from some recruits and parents of recruits to the last 2 days




Deshon Elliott (Rockwall Heath): "Like I said on Twitter, Coach Strong wants no part of the nonsense that is going on. If he thinks you've been acting up he tossing you out."

Pat Vahe (Euless Trinity): "It just shows you that Coach Strong and his staff mean business. They aren't going to tolerate anyone doing wrong and causing problems. It's simple really. You act right, you stay and play. You do stupid stuff and you're gone."


Anonymous parent of highly rated 2016 recruit: "I love it. When I send my son off, I want there to be a coach who takes care of his kids and isn't afraid to discipline them. There's a couple of other programs that don't do that. That's why we aren't seriously considering them anymore. Coach Strong has caught my full attention with it and I think every parent will say the same."


Louis Brown (Burton): "You must be strict before you can win games. The team with the most discipline will make the least errors. Plus, the coach must be in full control in order to get the best out of his players."

Parent of recruit: "Coach Strong is earning my respect. He's getting a lot of flack on social media, but he's proving to be a man that walks the walk."


Donatvious Jackson (Alief Elsik) - 2016 "He is making moves and bettering his team. The season is here and if they aren't taking it serious they don't deserve to play. He has to make a statement."


Parent of recruit: "That's the way he runs his household so this doesn't surprise me at all."

Reggie Hemphill: "Basically that's how my coach here operates. That's how we do it at Manvel. There's no room for people like that and I have no problem with it at all."

JP Urquidez: "I think what he's doing is a good thing. With a prolific program like UT there is no room for stuff like that. Also it dosent help him with recruiting when you keep them around."

Johnnie Johnson, father of Kirk and Collin Johnson: "It is consistent with the value and beliefs that we have at home. It really helps young men develop beyond football once football is over."

"I also have a daughter and it comforts me to know that if the school has the same values as the football coaches that I will be comfortable with her going there."






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Possibly/probably more to come

Six players have now been dismissed from the program since Strong took over.  Fullback Chet Moss and defensive back Leroy Scott were kicked off the team in March for a violation of team rules.
According to one source close to the situation, as many as five more Texas players could be facing dismissals due to violations of team rules
The dismissal of the four Texas players came soon after Texas receivers Kendall Sanders and Montrel Meander were arrested on sexual assault charges Thursday for an incident in June. Both players were suspended indefinitely by Strong, and their names already have been removed from Texas' official roster.


Also this, which is not from the ESPN article --

"All six removed for failed drug test, our sources say. Your fourth failure gets you kicked off the team, they got an extra chance with a 5th and still failed."

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Here is Scipio's take




What The Hell Is Going On? A Promised Culture Change.


 * * * 


Strong identified the bad apples early (and bad fruit takes many forms for Strong - it's not just about legalistic rule-breaking, it's about comportment and character), put them on highly supported, easy-to-follow academic, disciplinary and character-building plans and monitored them over several months, both directly and through his proxies in the staff, S&C and academic support.  Folks who are all aligned with Strong.  No place to hide.  No coach to smooth things over for you, because he wants you starting for his position group.  Strong's assistants are a united fist.  Good luck trying to find a finger to twist.


Along the way, he administered surprise drug tests (beyond NCAA standards), forced players to meet with tutors daily, followed up on their commitments and mercilessly tracked down and confronted dishonesty or laziness. Parents were brought up to speed and every bit of bad action was brought to light.  It was up to the player to change. The tools for that change were laid at their feet.  They simply had to cast down their bucket where they were.


The bizarre thing is, by most college football team's standards, we're on the good side of the bell curve.  The things Strong won't tolerate are offenses many coaches made peace with years ago.  Some out of mercenary interest, some of out pure exhaustion.  Some live in simple denial.


For Strong, this isn't just about football.  He's trying to change a culture that he despises that has a grip on far too many young men.  These aren't frivolous dismissals.  Nor is it a power trip.  Trying to change how Texas plays football is secondary to his main mission: changing how his players approach life.  He believes doing the latter will lead to long-term success in the former.


Can changing lives, even at the cost of short term football success, get him enough wins to stick around and change more?  We're about to find out.

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With regards to folks like Red, if you let those folks who know how to run what you want them to run, run what they know how to run, then your bidness will proly be run in the manner that you would like it to be run.  Hey! Sounded great when I thought of it!  ;)

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