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DFW free tree offer


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Ok, no takers in the Austin area for the 30 gallon sized Natchez Crape Myrtle (white blooms). I originally offered this tree for FREE to the first Austin referral customer for lawn chemical maintenance services or other landscape project several weeks ago.


NOW, that offer is being made to the Dallas-Fort Worth area Longhorns who provide a new customer referral for lawn maintenance, chemical lawn maintenance or other landscape project. Retail value on this tree is $210.00.


Additionally, for any Longhorn who gives me TWO new customer referrals - I'll give you a 30 gallon sized Pindo Palm - FREERetail value for this tree is $390.00


I would post pictures of them both but my image shack membership somehow expired in three weeks time. I don't know where I can upload to. Both trees are sitting in my back yard getting pampered right now.


I can be contacted at greenthumbtx@verizon.net




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Ok, just spoke with Slim on the phone. His project would include the Crape in question and that won't happen until next spring at the earliest. He's given me the okay to put this Crape back in play. I'll get him a Crape(s) next spring.




If you want to see pictures, I can send them via email if you'll email me. greenthumbtx@verizon.net




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