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4 UT players banned from complex ... anyone?


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247 didn't post names. Overstreet was thrown out there by one user over at 247 but I haven't seen anyone verify that. Sounds like 4 players Strong is laying down the law on, like he did with Bergeron. Strong did say the "4 players are expected to be back with the team when fall camp begins" so it doesn't sound like anything serious (probably some type of team rules violation). The 247 intern over there made it sound like it's the two players that received a free meal and the two players that were involved in the sexual assault case (that would be my inclination too). Here's the 247 article.....


According to a report from Brian Davis of the Austin American-Statesman, Texas Charlie Strong has banned four players from summer activities inside the Moncrief Complex.

The four players are expected to be back with the team when fall camp begins next month. In the meantime, Strong told the Statesman that the players are going through special workouts with strength coach Pat Moorer.

“When they get banned, they have to work their way back,†Strong said. “Sometimes, if a guy’s been an issue since I’ve been here, he gets held a little longer than anybody else.â€

Additionally, Strong told the Statesman that if any charges are filed in the ongoing sexual assault case involving two unnamed football players that the players will be suspended upon charges being filed

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just a wild-ass guess, but weren't there 4 guys implemented in the agent-dinner thing? 


anyway, just guessing based on the number 4 and nothing else.

Yeah but Reed and Jackson did nothing wrong. Reed even made it sound like the meeting with the agent didn't even happen. 


Which is why I tend to agree with the intern over at 247. I think he's probably correct that it's the 2 players that received a free meal and the 2 players that were questioned for that sexual assault. I'm just guessing too. Not sure if the intern has some type of insight or if he's just guessing also. For all we know it could be 4 completely different players that didn't show up to class or something. I tend to agree with the intern though. Those 4 players would give Strong the ability to send a message to the team, don't put yourself in stupid situations. 

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