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Will the Horns and Aggies play again soon?


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I don't get it...there are those of you who hate aggy with a burning passion that words can not express(which is great!), yet want nothing to do w playing them? I just don't get it..I mean in your minds do you feel that it is punishing them by not playing them each year? Aren't we taking our ball and going home in a similar fashion to what they did? Is it that you're so worried that they may win..and as a result they get to brag for a year? Help we understand..seems pretty dumb(respectfully) to me..I mean you have to opposing forces that have such fierce hate for one another, yet there are so many individuals on both sides that don't want to see them play again? Seems like if we're going to hate aggy, and I have a good amount of it for them, we might as well hate them on the field..

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If your argument must rely on speaking on behalf of a mythical majority then you have a weak argument. I see no evidence that most Longhorn fans want this game back; quite the contrary. Texas needs to concentrate on returning to our expectations of winning and not doing so through a&m. I believe we should wait to schedule a home and away with them (2 or 4 games) at least until a generation of young athletes have reached 18 without ever seeing a football game between us. Change-the-culture. I don't want to play neutral field (we already have one thank you) and I'll bet aggy will not be willing to trade playing one of their patsy OOC teams for Texas (if WE had played two FCS schools instead of BYU and Miss we'd have been 10-2), especially after next season.

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